Members Newsletter May 2010

Hi and welcome to the first club newsletter May 2010

Several members and their wives went to Bill Castles place in the Flatrock area for a club meeting. We started off with a gab session for about an hour then started the meeting with identifying a couple items that Ron Chouinard brought in and he also showed us a V nickel and a buffalo nickel he found with his new White’s Spectra V3. Good finds Ron! We also talked about some of the methods for cleaning the coins we find that get cashed in at the local banks ……they frown on dirty coins! The one most popular method with us is tumbling in a rock tumbler. I use a small tumbler with about 20 coins at a time. Actually, It’s a Natural Science Industries 1 1/4 cup capacity I got from my grand-daughter Ashley. For clad coins I use a few tablespoons of white vinegar and an equal amount of water and about a teaspoon of salt with 1/2 cup of small gravel like the kind used in a fish aquarium. Don’t mix clad coins with pennies when doing this recipe or the clad coins will have a copper appearance. For the pennies I just use the aquarium gravel with water and do about 20 coins at a time.

We also talked about the new detectors that four of us recently purchased. Bill Castle, Ron Chouinard, and Bob “Bubba” Stade each got a new White’s Spectra V3 and I bought a new White’s DFX. Bubba is a first time detector owner and is learning fast. Bill Castle has been using them for about 35 years and I have been using them for about ten or twelve years. Bill Castle is also a Whites metal detector dealer for this area and gives members in our club 10% off Whites metal detectors. Way to go Bill!!! Ron owns Delta Fence and Construction and gives seniors a 10% discount. That can add up to a tidy savings!

Bill Castle and his wife Karen hosted the May meeting and after the meeting they grilled us all brats and burgers plus a couple side dishes. My wife Sharon made a pasta salad and Shirley Goodrick furnished us with a delicious cake for dessert.

Later Bill told us he had buried some items in his garden plot he had recently tilled. The plot measures about 15×25 feet. Four or five members spent hours cleaning out the metal junk in Bill’s garden….good idea Bill, next year I think I’ll tell them I buried a gold coin in mine and I won’t even have to do any tilling!!! Well, as it turned out Bill did bury some metal objects (good and bad) and they also found coins barely under the surface and some were about 1 to 3 inches deep. The best things found were 2 – 35mm film containers with several wheaties and one Indian cent in each container and I think one container had a Buffalo nickel in it. Both of these were located by Ron Chouinard. Bill said he buried 4 of them so I guess 100 years or so from now someone will find the other 2 containers??

Lynn Richards showed us a book on trapping supplies and I’m ordering a couple 20 inch trappers shovels that have a couple different sized ends for digging, I think they were 2 and 3 inches across and came to a good point for digging. Mike Fleming and his wife Susan spent quite a bit of time looking at some real good finds that Bill has in 2×2’s and mounted in picture frames.

Ok, two other things. Form now on the meetings will be on the last Saturday of the month at 3 pm eastern time. The other thing is that I’ll be posting pictures that I and others take at our meetings and metal detecting outings… the meantime, be polite and informative to those who who inquire about your hobby. Conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others. YOU are an ambassador of a pastime WE want to protect and WE will be judged by how YOU act and respond.
PS: And don’t forgot to cover your holes !!!
By til next newsletter in June…..Bill Bruner