Members Newsletter June 2010

Well, Here we are it’s the 3rd of July. We didn’t have a big turnout for the last week of June meeting what with the fourth of July coming up.Some of the members were out of town and some had relations visiting them. Anyways Bill Castle, Ron Chouinard, Lynn Richards and myself (Bill Bruner) met up at Bill Castle’s place and did some grilling and passed around a few dishes. Ron brought his two daughters along.The oldest one is interested in detecting the other is a little young yet but give her time and that may change. We did get three new members. Two are from the Gladstone area and one is from the Iron River area. I won’t list their names yet until I get their permission to do so.

During the month of June Bill Castle and I went water detecting a few times. We both have been finding rings and a few silver coins and occasional wheat cent. The one good find I had on June 21st that I posted in the member treasure gallery on the 22nd of June was a gold ring with stones and I took it to a jeweler today (July 2nd) and he said it was worth $750.00…!!

metal detecting
Bill B. water detecting at Little Trout lake
Bill and I also took a trip up to lake Ottowa over near Iron River and did some water detecting. We found a lot of nails, bottle caps, wire and a couple wheat cents. We each found two rings. One of mine was sterling and the others were just common low cost rings. Boy! that lake sure has a hard bottom and is loaded with rocks. We’re going to try and get permission to do a couple other places in that area this fall and hopefully meet up with the new member who lives in that area..

About a week ago me and my wife (Sharon) along with Shirley Goodrick took a 88 year old friend that lives in the same building as us up to K.I. Sawyer air force base that is now closed. Shirley found a little change. Al can only get around in his electric wheel chair, so Sharon said if he runs his little old Bounty Hunter she’d do the digging and they’d split the finds. Well, it was a little cold that day (48 degrees) and Al lasted five minutes and went to the van and stayed there for the four hours we were there. Sharon kept detecting and she said the needle never moved on the Bounty Hunter. Turns out there were a couple broken wires and the detector wasn’t even working. Funny thing is though, she found eleven cents and had to split it with Al. I was water detecting in Little Trout Lake and found about two dollars in change and two rings, one of the two was sterling.

When we have our monthly meeting the last Saturday of July we’re going to meet at Ludington park in Escanaba and have a coin recovery demo and do a little coin hunting as a club. I went to a city council meeting in Gladstone on June 26th to make a case getting metal detecting re-instated back in their parks and they’ll let me know of their decision soon, I hope?

Ok, that’s it for this month. See ya next month. Cover your holes!!