July yoopercoinshooter club newsletter

Yikes! it’s the 4th of August and the days are getting shorter. About 3 more months of good detecting left and then we’ll be sitting around the house dreaming about what goodies we’re going to find next year.

We had our July meeting over at the Escanaba park by the band shell. There’s a good rumor going that a prominent Escanaba woman lost a 1 1/2 carat diamond ring in that area. We all gave it a try for the ring, but only came up with a dozen or so pull tabs and some clad coins. Bill C. won the prize (a pat on the back) for finding the most clads.

We welcomed a new member Jesse F. to the club. He’s been detecting about 30 years and knows the ropes pretty well. Jesse’s from the New Jersey area but his wife is a yooper so I guess he’s here in the U.P. on a green card, lol. He has water and land detectors so I suspect Bill and I will have a little competition in the water.

There’s a couple pic’s in the members assorted gallery of the knuckle buster ring that Bill C. found at an inland lake. It’s a U.S. Air Force academy ring, white gold and 14 carat and weighed a little over an ounce of gold….best find in the water for this year.

Bill C. and I have been hitting a lot of inland lakes in this area and have been coming up with some silver coins and some jewelery. We did find out there are leeches at one lake we went to and Bill C. had one stuck on his detector coil. I’m glad we wear our wet suits with boots and gloves!! The wet suits are also nice to deter the pesky horseflies too. I wore my shorty wet suit one day and my arms and legs got all bit up.

Bill C. and I have a little ring contest going. I’m at 24 rings, but Bill is gaining ground fast with 22 rings. Later this summer Bill C. and I are going to work the water at beaches between Escanaba and the Mackinaw bridge. Should be a few rings and some jewelery found on that trip. We’ll take a few days and give it a go!

That’s it for July, I’ll be writing again at the end of August. I’ll also be putting some pic’s in the gallery’s occasionally. Til then….cya, and cover your holes!! Bill B.