Sand in coil covers

I ran across an article in a detecting forum about sand getting into those protective coil covers I and several of our members have on their detector coils and thought I’d pass along some info I’d read about. I’ve had my coil cover on my new DFX for about 4 months now and after reading that article I thought I’d pop it off and see how much sand had gotten inside. I couldn’t believe it! I then popped the cover off my underwater P.I. Pro water detector and that one was worse yet. I’ll put some pic’s in the members treasure gallery and you can see for yourself. I’m going to leave the covers off from now on unless I go detecting where there’s gravel or rocks. I didn’t notice the extra weight in my P.I. Pro because it’s in the water and I glide it along the bottom, but my DFX did seem to have more heft to it lately. I used 3 butter knives about 3 or 4 inches apart an pried gently on them and the covers came off pretty easy. When I read the articles in the forum about this problem a couple of fellows on the forum said they had cracked their covers, so be careful and go slow if you try it.

Another thing Bill C. and I are going to try is magnets in our water scoops. I’m tired of getting bobby pins in the scoop and when you shake the sand out under water the bobby pins fall through the scoop holes and you have to locate and dig them numerous times because your not really sure what they are until you finally get them to stay in the scoop. Sometimes when you locate and dig a coin it’ll fall off the top of the sand in your scoop and you don’t know if it was a bobby pin or a coin, so I always keep scooping until I finally get the item in the scoop and in my goodie or junk bag. Bill C. went to Green Bay today and he called me and said he’d picked up some small round magnets and some special glue that will dry in 24 hours and won’t loosen up under water. We both use the Stealth water scoop sold by Sunspot Products. well, that’s it in a nutshell, I’ll let you know how the magnet venture turns out. Don’t forget to cover your holes!!