August Newsletter

Here we go, Labor Day, Halloween and cold weather just around the corner. We had a meeting of the yoopercoinshooter club at Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone last Saturday 8/28. We had a coin hunt but didn’t find too much and it was too hot anyways, so we broke up early and went on our ways.
We have a new member from the Soo, his name is Mark. Mark is an Air Force veteran and just got into metal detecting about 6 months ago and he runs a MXT detector.
I’ve been going to Ludington park in Escanaba and Found a Barber (1911) dime and a mercury dime on Aug.25th. On the 27 of Aug. I found 4 wheaties and 1 mercury dime and 2 silver rosies in one hole. Today on Sept. 3rd I found another mercury dime. (1919). (Pictures are in the gallery) I also found a lot of clad on those three trips. About 10 days ago at the beach in Gladstone I found a partial plate in the water by the slide…….that’s my weirdest find this year. I put a piece in lost and found and I hope someone can identify and claim the plate.. Years ago I found the key to heaven. It’s a religious metal and shaped like a key and says “the key to heaven” on it. I’m all set, I got the key to the front door?
Well, not too much going on in August other than the hot 80 plus temps and high humidity and dew point. Takes the fun out of detecting. Today it only got to 60 degrees. That’s the U.P. for ya.
Ok, that’s it for now except I’m asking all members to send me some pictures of their finds. Tell me about them…like what they are, where you found them and give me the coin dates, etc. Good luck detecting and Cover your holes.