coins found so far this year

If any member would like to list any items or coins they’ve found please use the contact us section in the right hand column of our site home page. The following is a list of coins I’ve (Bill B.)found as of this date (10/24/2010) :So far this year I’ve found:


1361 pennies
192 nickels
490 dimes
420 quarters
2 half dollars


138 wheaties
5 silver war nickels
1 V nickel
4buffalo nickels
5 indian head pennies
1 silver walking liberty half dollar
5 canadian nickels
11 silver roosevelt dimes
13 silver mercury dimes
1 silver barber dime
5 silver washington quarters
2 silver canadian dimes
1 one dollar coin
6 rings



112 pennies
70 nickels
50 dimes
66 quarters
1 one dollar coin


5 wheaties
7 silver dimes
1 silver quarter
24 rings

I keep a log of the coins I find in two sepatate places in my log. I keep the wheaties and silver in a separate area of my notebook and the newer pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in another section. One thing I’m going to do different next year is to make note of the specific areas and calendar dates that I find wheaties and silver coins in my notebook log. Don’t forget to cover your holes!!