September Meeting

October, Time is running out. So many places to detect, so little time!!
We had our September meeting on Saturday Sept. 25th of the yoopercoinshooters and not too many showed up. When I started this club I thought it’d go over a little better than it’s going….so far. I’m going to stick it out for a year and that will be in March of 2011. We have 5 or 6 that come to all the meetings, 2 that live too far, a few that come occasionally and a few that never come to meetings………not too good, and I’ll say again….so far. Maybe this winter we’ll pick up a few more members and have better turn outs with there being less to do outside. It’s too bad because there are no other active metal detecting clubs in the Upper Peninsula. Ok, I’m not crying in my beer. Starting a metal detecting club is just something I always wanted to try and I’m giving it a shot. You never know until you try it.
Lynn R. brought in a couple water scoops he’d made up and the pictures will be in the members treasure gallery. Lynn says he’ll put them up for sale to members only, so go take a peek at them and if your interested in a purchase, go to the contact us section of our site and I’ll forward your request to Lynn.
Ron C. brought a few things in and I took pictures of them for the members treasure gallery. One is of the remains of an old pocket watch, and there’s a couple pic’s of coins. One buffalo nickel and a mercury dime, also one of a couple bullets and 2 rings There will also be some pic’s of some of my recent finds from the construction area of Stephenson avenue in Escanaba. That project is in it’s final phase and I’ll be on the lookout next year for some more street and sidewalk replacement jobs in our area.
I still haven’t heard from the city of Gladstone for an answer to my request to re-instate metal detecting in the parks and city property in Gladstone. I asked for at the very least a one year trial period to see how things go and if we show that the park wouldn’t be left full of holes, then maybe they would let us detect those areas unconditionally. I talked to Kim, the city managers secretary and she said they were waiting for a recommendation from the recreation board and then the city council members would make their decision on the matter.
OK, that’s it for this one, see ya next month………cover your holes !!