November Newsletter

Well, I guess the metal detecting season is toast in the Upper Peninsula. The ground is starting to freeze and it looks like it’s only going to get worse as far as temperatures go. Well, I’m not about to argue with mother nature, so start getting into your secondary hobby and before we know it the ground will be thawing and giving up coins before we know it.

I did go out for an hour or so on November 30th to Pioneer Trail park. All I found was 6 memorial pennies and a padlock, and got pretty soaking wet!! Two days before that I did find the usual clad coins and two Indian head pennies and both were dated 1880. They were about 15 feet apart and less than 3 inches deep. About 4 weeks before that and in the same general area I found… guessed it an 1880 Indian head penny. Maybe about 100 years ago they had a penny scramble for the kids. Funny thing is that I and probably 50 other people with detectors had been over that area. Just goes to prove the old saying that you never clean an area out completely!!

I’m kind of anxious for spring time as Bill C. has lined up a couple potato fields up to possibly have a yoopercoinshooters club hunt at. These potato fields go way back in time and they were hand picked so, they could turn up some interesting coins and relics. We’re planning on going back to that bean field in the garden Peninsula area. Some of us detected that bean field last fall and found some neat coins and tokens, plus horse shoes and a real nice intact old sleigh bell.

I’m going to insert a link to a real nice forum I’ve belonged to for a little over a year now. On the forum are a real nice bunch of fellow detectorist’s and they make some really neat finds and pass along some great information. Check it out. The address is :

I’m going close this newsletter by blowing my own horn and listing my season end finds for 2010.


1711 pennies
216 nickels
566 dimes
445 quarters
2 half dollars

154 wheaties
6 silver war nickels
2 V nickels
4 buffalo nickels
7 Indian head pennies
1 silver walking liberty half dollar
5 pre 1955 Canadian nickels
12 silver Roosevelt dimes
14 silver mercury dimes
1 silver 1911 barber dime
5 silver Washington quarters
1 silver 1906 Canadian dime
1 silver 1943 Canadian dime
1 one dollar coin
8 rings



112 pennies
58 nickels
50 dimes
66 quarters
1 one dollar coin

5 wheaties
12 pre 1955 nickels
5 silver Roosevelt dimes
2 silver mercury dimes
1 silver Washington quarter
24 rings

Total $236.99

That’s it for November……COVER YOUR HOLES……..Bill B.