December Newsletter

I’ll start off by welcoming our newest member, Pete H. from Ishpeming. He just bought a White’s prism 6T last spring found lots of coins and he’s now hooked on detecting………..Welcome to the yoopercoinshooters club Pete.

Sorry about the newsletter for December being late, but my computer crashed and I tried to have it repaired, but it would have cost too much so I’m trying to figure the new one out.

Well, Christmas and New Years are history and the days are getting longer…………it won’t be long now, 80 or 90 days from now and we could be digging up treasures.

I went detecting the last day of December 2010 at Pioneer Trail Park between Escanaba and Gladstone and it was cold and windy, but I did manage to find 2 wheat backs and some clads. I went back the first day of January 2011 and it was 19 degrees with 39 mph winds and the wind chill was -5 below zero. I found 1 wheat back and some clad. I also went back on January 3rd and it was 16 degrees and no wind. I found a couple clad and 1 wheat back and the ground was really frozen……that’s enough metal detecting until the spring of 2011.
We’ll be resuming our meetings again on the last Saturday in January (29th) at 3 pm. The meeting will be in the dining room where I live at Bay View Manor in Gladstone. There’s a few members that haven’t been to a meeting yet and I’d like to have all in attendance as one of the topic’s at the meeting will be a strategy to get metal detecting allowed back in the park in Gladstone. Please show up for the meeting as we need your input and suggestions. This has become a passion to me to re-instate detecting on city property in Gladstone. The opposing city officials have to get their heads out of the sand and subscribe to the wishes of the taxpayers/citizens and let us use the park for ALL types of recreation. I’m sure you all know the saying “there’s strength in numbers” and the more participating members in our club, the more it could change their minds about our practicing our hobby in the park. Bring anyone you know that has a detector or is interested in detecting.

Another thing on the agenda will be a possible member hunt in the spring at some potato and bean fields and a float copper hunt in the Copper Country.

Please bring some of your goodie finds or something you haven’t been able to identify to the meeting and we’ll post them on our site in the members photo gallery. Also bring your detectors.
Well, that’s about it for this one. See you all at the meeting…………….cover your holes.

Billy B