Winter Detecting Pioneer Trail Park

Well, I spent 3 hours at Pioneer Trail Park yesterday. (2/16/2011) 45 degrees is too nice to sit around, This weather is a little unbelievable for the U.P. for mid February. My treasures for today were 15 memorial cents – 4 clad dimes – 1 clad quarter and one newer nickel.

Went to Pioneer Trail Park again today. (2/17/2011) I Spent 1 1/2 hours chipping away at the frozen ground. Found 6 memorial pennies – 4 clad dimes and 1 clad quarter. Temperature was a nice 39 degrees with a light rain.

I’ve been keeping track of the days spent winter detecting (after November). Here’s the dates I’ve gone… far. 12/31/2010 – 1/1/2011 – 1/3/- 1/30/- 2/5 – 2/6 – 2/13 – 2/15 – 2/16 – and 2/17.
This winter detecting kinda grows on ya !!. Only problem, the real good coins are 4 inches plus deep and the ground is froze too far down to retrieve them fellas. If, or I should say when I go detecting again this winter and find something interesting I be sure to post it on the sight………. Think spring and cover your holes.