Copper Country

Early May of this year Lynn R., Bill C. and I went to the Copper Country and stayed at a campground in the Kenton area and hunted for float copper for 6 days. Bill C. and I stayed in 2 tents in the 8×10 size range and Lynn had a nice setup for sleeping in the back of his van. One other buddy (Mark) from Escanaba joined us for one night and a day. I don’t remember how much copper Mark found but he had some nice pieces. He also made up a slick setup that ran off the back of his jeep for sleeping in and with his thermal sleeping bag he was quite comfortable for the night.

Dave R. and his partner were going to meet up with but by the time they made the morning drive from Lake Linden we had left the campsite for the day and they didn’t know what area we were in for that particular day so I’m sorry to say we didn’t get to met them. Maybe we can hookup for the fall trip. The campground had primitive campsites with a fire pit and there was an outdoor unisex bathroom. We were on a lake not too far from an old C.C.C. camp, Camp Pori. We arrived there on a Tuesday and left about noon the following Sunday. A loon entertained us at night and a woodpecker during the daytime hours.

The weather was great, we only had a little rain one morning but were still able to hunt every day. A couple nights it got down in the twenties but we had good sleeping bags and propane heaters in Bill’s and my tents. Bill C. brought along a couple of really comfortable folding cots so we didn’t have to sleep on the ground. We usually got started copper hunting about 10 am each day and took lunches and water with us and detected for copper until around 4 pm or so each day. The bugs (mosquito’s and black flies) were almost non existent and we only had about 4 or 5 ticks on us for the entire trip. We didn’t find a whole lot of copper but it was worth the trip as we had a good time. This was my first experience hunting float copper and Bill C. and Lynn are experienced at it. I only found 5 1/2 pounds and between us we only came up with a shade over 20 pounds. It’s hard to find a spot in that area that hasn’t had a detector run over it but every once in awhile someone finds a big hunk. Last year a fellow dug a 1400 pound piece as he was just doing a little demo on detector settings for float copper for a couple men. I used my compass but Bill.C and Lynn had their trusty GPS with them. I’d ordered a GPS but it didn’t arrive in time for the trip (now I have to learn how to operate it). Bill C., Lynn and another friend are going up early in June for a 9 day outing and then the 3 of us have another late summer trip planned to a different area of the copper country and hopefully, we can find some big pieces.
I’ll have some pictures of the campsite and our meager finds posted in the members section.

As you probably already know the yoopercoinshooters club isn’t working out because of a lack of local participation at the monthly meetings but we gave it a shot. Bill C., Lynn R., Ron C, Bob S. (Bubba) and I are going to keep meeting up at the end of each month and share our trips and finds with one another anyways.
Don’t forget to …..cover your holes!!!

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