2011 Detector finds to date

I was looking through my coin find log book for 2011 earlier today and I thought I’d list my findings, so far. The bulk of my finds to date have been found in Escanaba’s Ludington park. So far I’ve dug 996 clad coins. I have 43 wheat cents, 2 buffalo nickels, 1 mercury dime, 1 silver Washington quarters and 6 Indian cents. I’m not doing too good on silver coins, but I know there’s more there, I just have to go a lot slower and less discrimination on my DFX. I’ve found some interesting tokens and a nice watch fob that say’s “the great state of Michigan A.D.MDCCCXXXV” which translates to 1835, but Michigan didn’t become a state until Jan. of 1837…….go figure?

Weather has been too cold the last couple days to detect but tomorrow is going to be a little nicer, so I’ll try Ludington park again and maybe Pioneer Trail park on the way back to Gladstone.

I tried a little water hunting at the Gladstone beach the other day and didn’t find much. I met up with Jason from Colorado and is originally from the lower peninsula of Michigan. Jason has a Minelab – Excalibur and we did a few of the shallower troughs. Jason did dig up a 1905 Barber dime….way to go jason! I left before him, so I don’t know what else he found, but I gave him the yoopercoinshooters website address and my personal email address, so I’m hoping he’ll keep in touch.

Bill C. and a few other friends went back up to the copper country for about 10 days on a float copper hunt. Bill called me awhile ago and said they’d just got in. He said he found a nice 41 pound specimen and I believe he also found a 15 pound chunk. All total I think he said he found around 79 pounds………good going Bill C. He also said the bugs and ticks are out in full force!! Head nets & bug dope are essential items to pack if you go up north.

OK, that’s it for now, I’ll be writing about this and that during the middle and ends of the upcoming months…………..CYA & Cover yer holes!!!