June Meeting

I and Bill C. ,Ron C. and Lynn R. met at my place on the last Saturday in June. We talked about Ron’s new White’s PI Pro water detector and his Stealth water scoop. We talked about doing some water detecting on a Sunday in July and hopefully Ron will have some good luck on his first water detecting outing.

Lynn also got a new detector, He bought a brand new White’s Spectra V3 from Bill C. our groups White’s metal detector dealer. Lynn has been using his Minelab and I think he’ll be liking the difference in weight as the Spectra is quite a bit lighter. Lynn, Bill, Ron and I plan on detecting an area that has been productive in giving up some silver coins last year for Bill and I. You know the old saying ” it’s never hunted out “.

We have a new group member, Liz E. from Escanaba. I talked with Liz on the phone the other day and she sounds anxious to get back into doing some coin and jewelry hunting. I’m going to meet her one day next week after the fourth of July and help her get up to date on pinpointing and retrieving coins and the proper method of replacing the plug and make the area look as good as it was before retrieving the object.

I don’t have much to report on my coin finds lately because I haven’t been out detecting for several days. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my lower back and more pain with a torn ligament in my knee. Sounds like I’m a candidate for the glue factory!!

Still not getting much turnout for meetings at the end of the month, but we’ll keep going as long as there’s a few of us at meetings. In July we’ll have to meet at noon on the last Saturday as my grand daughter is getting our great grand daughter baptized later in the afternoon and I can’t miss that.

Ok, for now and I’ll be reporting on our upcoming water hunt, my meet with Liz and the outing I, Bill, Lynn and Ron are undertaking in a couple weeks………COVER YOUR HOLES !