August Newsletter

We didn’t have our get together the last Saturday in August as our family was at church attending Morgan’s baptism. She is our great grand daughter and daughter of Heather and Mike. A get together and luncheon in our dinning hall followed the service.

On August 8th Bill C. and I water detected at the Gladstone beach. I only found 2 coins but I also found 2 sterling silver rings. Bill C. found 21 quarters (12 quarters in one hole.) He ended up with a little over 5 dollars.

On August 10th Bill C. and I water detected the Escanaba beach and I only found 6 or 7 coins but Bill C. found a couple dollars in coins and he also came up with 2 rings. He thinks one is silver and possibly the other may be silver too. He’ll have to get the magnifier out and take a better look.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my right knee for the last 3 weeks and I believe it’s a torn tendon. I had arthroscopic surgery done on the other knee some years back and it has the same symptoms. I have a meeting with a surgeon the end of this month and will get the x-ray results.

With the rising price of gold, I wish I had more. I’ve only found 3 gold rings so far this year and they were all in the water. I’ve probably passed up several more on land but I mostly run on coins instead of coins and jewelry because my back problem won’t hold up digging pull tabs. You all know the saying, ” If your not digging pull tabs your not finding gold rings, etc”.

We’re thinking about going to the Copper Country again this fall and get some more float copper. We stayed 6 nights this last spring and had a ball, so I’m looking forward to another outing.

We also have a couple scout camps an the agenda along with a few bean and potato fields. I hope I’m healed up after the knee surgery so I can go!!!

That’s it for now, I’ll keep in touch……..Remember to COVER YOUR HOLES !!