Latest Finds

Well, It’s been awhile and the clock is ticking and not too many pages left on the calendar, so I’ll try to wrap up the last couple months of our detecting finds. Lynn, Bill C., Tom G. and I went to the Copper Country for 5 days in August for float copper. We stayed in the Kenton area in the nice popup camper Lynn bought for his and Bill C’s trip to Arizona this winter to do some gold prospecting.They’re staying for 3 months. It sure was nice to sleep in beds and have a solid roof overhead. We even had hot showers in a portable shower supplied by Lynn and Bill C. As usual Bill C. did 99% of the cooking and everything was just like mom used to cook!! I really think we all gained a pound or two. We all found some float copper but nothing large or out of the ordinary. On the second day I was tooling along running my White’s DFX and looked up to see a 300 to 400 pound black bear standing on his hind legs about 50 to 60 yards ahead checking me out. I waved my arms and gave a few hollers and he dropped to all fours and started walking in my direction. My whistle was in my backpack so I waved my arms and hollered real loud and he got the idea and started running East…… Lynn and Bill C. said they saw him go by them and that was that. A little excitement for the day! We Tried 3 or 4 different areas but the float copper is getting harder to find in that particular area so next trip will be in a new and hopefully a copper laden area.

Bill C., Lynn and I went to one of our old haunts and found lots of memorial cents and clad coins, but we did manage a couple keepers. I found a 1964 Rosie, Bill C, found a 1959 Washington quarter and Lynn found the find of the day with a 1858 large cent…….a first for Lynn and a big congratulations your way Lynn from all of us!!!! We also all found 5 or 6 wheaties each.

A record was set last night here in the Gladstone area with a low temperature of 28 degrees. The leaves are almost at peak for color change and they’re starting to drop more every day………..It’s coming!!

Tomorrow we’re going back to the spot where Lynn found the large cent and a few days later we’ll hopefully get over to the (kidney) bean field that we went to last fall. There was an old mid to late 1800’s homestead in the middle of the field and there are some coins, tokens, sleigh bells and farm artifacts there. It’s 35 miles from our area so we take lunches and make a day of it.

Well, that’s about it for now, so til our next get together or outing I’ll see ya on the internet and don’t forget to COVER YOUR HOLES, PLEASE.