November 29th 2011 Post

I can’t believe the detecting season for my part of the planet is about to go into the history books. The temperature today for the Gladstone/Escanaba area got up to 55 degrees!!! Well, it’s going south for the next week and unless we get one of those LATE season Indian summers, That will wrap it up for 2011.

I only found $160.80 in coins. In the silver and older coin category I found 123 wheat cents, 16 older Jefferson nickels, 8 Indian cents, 2 war nickels, 2 buffalo nickels, 2 Washington quarters, 4 Roosevelt dimes, 4 Mercury dimes and 12 rings. I think 10 of the rings were found in the water with my White’s PI Pro water detector.

I don’t find too many rings dirt detecting because I mostly use the coin setting. If I use the coins and jewelry setting I get too many pull tabs and my back problem gets a lot worse. I know! if your not digging pull tabs, your not finding much gold rings and jewelery. I’ll just have to live with that. I do find some nice silver rings on land though. I also find some nice gold in the water, so that makes up for the lack of gold finds land detecting.

I hope all the high speed beef (deer) hunters had good luck this year. Today was the last day of rifle season. They said it looked like a pretty good season at the stations the DNR have set up for registering your kill.

I did some dirt detecting the last 4 or 5 days at Pioneer Trail Park between Gladstone and Escanaba. I always find 1 or 2 wheat cents each trip and the other day I got a 1963 Washington quarter. One of the wheat cents was a 1928d in real nice condition.

I guess that’s about it for now. I don’t plan on doing any snow detecting like I did last year, so I’ll be a little slower on the post. I will keep you all up to date on my friends Bill C. and Lynn R. on their trip to Arizona. They’re leaving the day after Christmas and will be gone a few months. They’re going to be prospecting for gold and some metal detecting and staying in a pop-up camper out in the desert……..good luck fellas!!!!

Cya all and don’t forget to……… “COVER YOUR HOLES”.