December 19th Post

Hi and Merry Christmas to all. One way to look at this time of the year, a couple more days and the days start getting longer and before you know it we’ll be out detecting in the good old Upper Peninsula of Michigan again.

I have no new finds to publish because I haven’t been out with my White’s DFX and my hammer and chisel. Last winter I went detecting in 6 to 8 inches of snow and frozen ground, but not this time!! It’s too nice and cozy here in my living room.

This month most of my detecting related activities have been cleaning all my clad coins and memorial pennies, wiping down and removing batteries from my detectors and finding room in this apartment area for all my treasure hunting stuff…….it’s getting to be more stuff each year. This is also research time. I’m still looking for that virgin silver coin area and maybe 2012 will be the year ???

Here’s a really nice site I use to find out how much my silver coins are worth (

I also use a nice little pocket scale to weigh coins/etc. It’s item# 93543 at and sells for $19.99 and is now on sale for $12.99.

Next season I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a White’s Spectra V3i or the VX3. I talked to Mary Hudson at White’s in Oregon and she tells me their the same machine except for the V3i has a 10 inch double D coil and the VX3 has the 9.5 inch Eclipse coil.The only thing I’m puzzled about is when you bring up the V3i detector and click on screens it shows 25 screens. When you do the same on the VX3 it shows 6 screens. I’m going to call the White’s factory number and get this straight… my mind.

I may also try to swing a deal on the White’s Beach Hunter 300 water detector. I like the red = don’t dig and the green/blue = dig lights. As most of you know I have the White’s PI Pro and it sure goes deep for metal objects, but I’m honestly getting tired of digging 8 to 10 inches and getting Bobbie pins. I’ve tried discriminating them out and still be able to get small gold and silver coins but (to me) it’s a pretty fine line.

I mentioned above that I’ve been cleaning clad and memorials in my spare time. I use a Lortone model 3A single barrel tumbler and It.s worked fine for me.I use a cup or so of aquarium gravel and for pennies I just put in a drop of dish washing detergent and enough water to barely cover the coins and gravel. I let them tumble a few hours and it seems to do a good enough job on the pennies where the bank teller won’t give you a funny look and tell you to take a hike. I did try some vinegar and salt but if you leave them too long the pennies start to virtually disintegrate and the bank will not take them.One final note on cleaning pennies, Don’t forget and leave a penny in the gravel and start cleaning clad coins. They’ll all have a nice copper tint that will be hard to remove and I don’t think the bank would take them. When I clean clads (quarters, nickels and dimes) I use about a table spoon of white vinegar and salt mixture and tumble for about an hour. One thing though, the last couple times I tumbled clads they came out kinda milky looking and were ok after I repeated the process.

Bill C. and Lynn R. are all packed and ready to go on their Arizona trip. They have their detectors and dry washer and gold pans…….now all they need is GOOD LUCK……..see you guys in the spring and watch out for snakes !!

That’s it for now and for all of you that don’t have frozen ground, happy detecting and cover your holes……please! …….cya, Bill B.

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