Detecting 2012

I’m getting ready for the upcoming season of metal detecting and can hardly hold myself back. Oh yeah, there is 14 things holding me back and each one of the 14 things is an inch of SNOW !!!! Last week we had bare spots all over the place, in fact 9 days ago I went over to Escanaba’s Ludington park and with a screw driver probed the side of the 250 yard long and 20 foot high hill the kids have been sliding down for 80 or 90 plus years. I poked and poked but I could only penetrate to one or two inches. I thought, oh well pretty soon now with the sun really beating down on the sides of the hill, it won’t be too long now. ha,ha,ha the jokes on me…………now I have to wait for the sun to melt 14 inches of snow. Back to research for awhile I guess.

I got my White’s VX3 yesterday. I ordered it from my detecting buddy Bill C. who happens to be a White’s dealer for this area. Today (3/1/2012) I also ordered a 12 coil, a White’s Beach Hunter 300 water detector and a coil cover. These two will be my main detectors now and I’ll use my White’s DFX and White’s Surf P.I. Pro as backups. One other thing I and 3 of my other detecting buddies ordered is the Sun Ray Invader Target Probe that hooks up to their White’s Spectra V3i detectors and my White’s VX3. I guess by reading this you can tell I and my buddies like White’s detectors. I guess it’s like when I got my first car, which was a 1953 ford and I had such good luck it made me a Ford for life person. Well, my first detector was a White’s and I had such good luck with all the ones I’ve had and that made me a White’s for life detectorist.

I got all my detecting stuff out of the closet yesterday (I need a bigger closet) and started organizing into 2 types of detecting, water and land. I keep my land and water things in separate plastic tote boxes. I also checked out my Lortone tumbler and got a new supply of aquarium gravel, some vinegar and salt for tumbling the clad coins.

Bill C. and Lynn R. got back last week from their prospecting trip to Arizona. They left the day after Christmas, which gave their wives a nice and peaceful 9 week vacation !!

They used a dry washer and their detectors and found some fine gold and had a good time. Lynn won two gold nuggets an Bill won one in a GPAA drawing that was held while they were there. One bad note: On the way down, they stayed in a motel and during the night someone hit the rear section of Lynn’s popup and left the scene so they filed a police report and got out the duct tape and proceeded to Arizona. Lynn’s working with his insurance company and hopefully it’ll be as good as new soon.

During the winter I’ve been researching and Googling places in our good old U.P. of Michigan and I think I found some dandy places for me, Lynn and Bill to coinshoot. Bill and Lynn have also been some research with an old 1912 plat book and maps. We also plan to do our annual float copper hunt, but this time were going a little farther north into the copper country area………wish us luck.

OK, that’s it for now so for all of you lucky treasure hunters in the warm weather…….cover your holes and we’ll do the same when it melts and thaws up here…………………..CYA, Bill B.