April 1st Detecting

Holy cow !! The first of April already. So many coins to detect and so little time…….at least up here in Da U.P. eh!! Winter is just around the corner.

I’ve only been out a few times so far this year and don’t have too much to show for my dead batteries. I’ve got 80 zinc Linc’s, 11 clad nickels, 31 clad dimes, and 30 clad quarters.

I also have 16 wheaties, 2 Indian cents, 3 silver war nickels, 2 Barber dimes and 2 mercury dimes.

1921 d mercury dime extra fine condition
1921 d Mercury Dime
I detected my son in laws place up in Perronville twice last week. I’ve detected his property at least 10 times before and he’s done it at least 20 times. The second time I found the usual clads and memorials and 4 wheaties. The first time I found 9 wheaties, 1 Indian cent, a silver war nickel and those 2 mercury dimes I have so far.I washed them all with water and saw the 1935 Merc with an S mint mark and thought….wow might be a good one? No such luck! Then I washed the dirt of the other Merc and what do you know, The date is 1921 D Mercury dime. I checked it out on “photo grade” and I come up with a solid very fine condition!!! It was down in the dirt at 8 inches and the signal on my DFX was a little unstable but I dug it just in case. I’m really, really, really glad I did. I’ll put the obverse and reverse pics on the Gallery picture section sometime today. OK, the pics are on page 6 of the treasure gallery.

I detected Escanaba’s Ludington park today for about 2 hours today (Sunday Apr.1). Got the usual clad and zinc Linc’s and one silver 1943P war nickel, an 1895 Indian cent and a 1908 Barber dime. The story on the Barber dime: I was inching along detecting a steep hill that kids have been sliding down for about a hundred years and I got a strong signal with a VDI in the 80’s and read about an inch deep. I poked my pinpointer to the grass and it beeped. When I took a close look the dime was on the top of the ground and it was the 1908 Barber dime………..go figure??

I had to send my White’s VX3 in for a little tweaking so I’ll be using my White’s DFX for a couple weeks. I also talked to White’s about my Bullseye pinpointer going on the blink and she told me she’ll send a new one when they send my VX3 back and to just send in the defective Bullseye. They do stand behind their products, no questions asked.

Well, next week Bill C., Lynn and myself are going to detect an old homestead north of here so, wish us luck.

Well, that’s about it for now and I’ll keep you all posted if we find anything good. Happy hunting and Don’t forget to cover your holes.