So many coins, So little time

Wow, here we are 6 or 7 weeks into the 2012 detecting season and I haven’t even put a dent in the hoards of coins just waiting for me to come along and yank them out of the ground where they’ve been since the turn of the twentieth or longer!! I haven’t found a whole lot yet this year, but I do have one good find. I did post my semi key 1921D Mercury dime and I’m trying to decide if I should put her on eBay or have it slabbed. So far this season I’ve only found four Indian pennies, 9 wheaties, one V nickel, one silver Rosie dime and a no date standing liberty quarter.I’ve been using my new White’s VX3 detector and am still in the learning process with it.That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

Bill C. and I did a little water detecting yesterday (Tues.4/24)at a local beach, but didn’t find much, just modern coins. I tried out my new water detector the White’s Beach Hunter 300 and I like the 3 light system and the pinpointing mode. The lights are red which means Iron, Yellow means jewelry/nickel and green means copper/silver/brass or aluminum. I bought it because I got tired of digging nails and bobby pins. The water level is super low and we would have liked to have gotten out deeper but couldn’t because we couldn’t get past the first trough and only had our chest waders on as the water is way too cold for our wet suits.

I’m getting prepared for our meeting at Pioneer Trail park Saturday at three pm. We have some new members coming and I hope most of the original ones. The weather looks like temps in the 50’s and we’ll have the pavilion all to ourselves. I have quite a few items to go over and will take questions and suggestions later.

There’s quite a few new coin pics on the site in the treasure gallery section, go check them out. Jason B. has been pretty busy and put on some nice coins from some of the so called hunted out places.

OK, that’s it for now and I’ll do a newsletter after the meeting and keep everyone up to date on the club happenings. Good luck on your detecting and don’t forget to cover your holes…..please!