Yoopercoinshooters April Meeting

Hi all,
We had our April yoopercoinshooters meeting on Saturday the 28th and had a fair turnout. We have three new members. Christine T., Dustin M., and Debbie O. Debbie brought several showcases of some of her super nice finds with ribbons attached that she had entered and won at the U.P. State Fair. Dumb me, I forgot to take pictures, so if Debbie would be kind enough to bring them again to a future meeting I’ll try to do her prized possessions justice when I photograph them for our site treasure gallery at yoopercoinshooters.com.

She emailed me yesterday and said she came to town the day after the meeting and had an hour to kill, so she went to the same park we had the meeting at and found a 1910 V nickel and a 1923 Mercury dime, Way to go Deb !!

At the meeting I did most of the talking. I touched on bringing in their finds to share with the other members every month. I’ll take pics and post them on our site. I also forgot to take a group membership photo to post. I displayed some of my detectors (land and water) and retrieval tools along with ways to take and not take a plug to get the coins/jewelery out of the ground.I also mentioned to them that if they make a good find with their White’s detector that they can send their story in and they may get a $100 gift certificate from White’s.

Bill C. went over the State and Federal regulations on detecting and some of the parks that are closed to metal detecting.

As of this date Bill C., Lynn R. and myself are going to the Copper Country about May 10th for our semi-annual trip to hunt down some float copper. We usually stay for eight or nine days. Bill does the shopping and cooking, Lynn and I do the many odd jobs around the camp, (Lynn does most of them). Actually we all do a lot. Lynn is taking his big popup camper again and he and Bill will set up our shower and hot water system. A few days before we leave Bill and I are going to a store in Marinette, Wisconsin to pickup the groceries for the trip. Now the only thing is Mother Nature……NO RAIN PLEASE!!!!

Ok, that’s it for this one, good luck detecting and don’t forget to cover your holes……Please…….cya, Bill B.

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