June yoopercoinshooters Meeting

Hi to all from downtown Gladstone,Michigan. We had our June meeting earlier than usual because of the May meeting cancellation. We discussed have a small monthly dues probably starting in July. The money may go towards caps with our club name on or possibly we may use some of it for our annual cookout. The cookout was also discussed and we’re planning on having it in August. For this year we’ll all chip in a little for brats, hotdogs or hamburger and then each member can bring a hot dish or dessert or chips, etc. Another item we discussed was the date and time of our meetings and it was unanimous to keep them on the last Saturday of the month and also keep the time at 3 pm.

We have 2 new members. Tom E. from Gladstone and Dan T. from downtown Cornell. Tom brought some of his goodies he’s found with his new White’s V3i detector. Dustin M. brought his 1900 Barber dime to the meeting.(but can’t say where he found it). Bill C. brought some showcases full of some dandy items he’s found over the years. Jayson & Ryan had some recent finds they brought to Saturday’s meeting.

I took a pic of eight of us that attended the meeting and it can be seen on our site (yoopercoinshooters.com) and it’s in the member galleries section. Next meeting I’ll get some more members pics and we’ll all try to smile this time. By the way, we’re up to 25 members as of this writing!!! We do have some members that haven’t been to a meeting yet, but that’s because of the distance factor and it would be costly because of the price of gasoline. Don’t worry fellas, your still on the member roster unless you notify us otherwise. Just a side note, we have a member – Pete H. that shows up each month from Ishpeming. Maybe a few can get hooked up and car pool?

I was at Pioneer Trail park Sunday (June 17th) and found some clad and I did manage to get a 1947s silver Washington quarter at 8 inches deep. I almost gave up on twice because of the tree roots I had to navigate, but am happy I persevered. Ryan B. and his brother Jayson showed up a little while after I got there and later on we zipped over to in Escanaba but just found clad and Lincoln zinczons. I think it was Ryan that found a Tootsie truck in real nice condition.

Well, that’s about it for June, til the next time……cover your holes,…..PLEASE.