May Newsletter

May is history and June is 5 days old already. Not much to report this month. As you probably already know the May meeting was cancelled due to the Memorial Day holiday and many high school graduation events and I figured there wouldn’t have been a very good turnout for the meeting. I’ve scheduled the June meeting a little earlier in the month (the 16th) because we didn’t meet in May. We’ll have several things to vote on during the June meeting.

Bill C., Lynn R. and myself went on our semi annual trip to the Copper Country to hunt for float copper and it was kind of a bust. We spent six days in the Alberta and Kenton area and I won’t even say how little copper we found, but I will say it probably was our last trip. It’s getting so you have to have some private land to hunt for the copper these days and even then we hear some of the land owners charge a pretty hefty fee to let you look on their land. I do have some relatives up there but they don’t own wooded land where the copper lays…..just my luck!

We did go to the old sawmill school at Alberta and they let us do a little detecting around the buildings for coins, etc, but didn’t find much. We met the girl in the office and she showed us around and was really helpful. If you ever get over that way, stop by the office and see the Birdseye veneer furniture and other items that the site maintenance man made and has on display and for sale in one of the office rooms. That stuff is out of this world beautiful !! I believe he also mentioned his father in-law was a sawyer over at the Forrest Products mill near Munising where I worked ( $1.57 an hour) in 1963 and 1964.

Bill C., Lynn R. and I spent 3 days over in the Garden peninsula on a coin hunt. Lynn had to go home after the first day as he had out of town company and me and Bill C. stayed for two more days. We got there on a Friday morning and it stated raining about noon and rained for thirty hours straight, not real hard but just enough to cease detecting. Bill C. and I sat in his trailer and watched several “Jesse Stone” DVD’s and probably gained a few pounds sitting watching movies and eating. We did go for several rides and I met a lot of the Garden Peninsula residents and you can’t find a nicer bunch of people. Bill C.’s son in-law is from there so Bill knows just about everyone over there. I posted a few pictures of a couple places we did manage to get out between raindrops and do a little detecting at. They have one of the windmills up and just about finished and I think they said there’s 13 more going up this summer…..awesome site!! The pictures are on the “members gallery” section of our site.

I’ve made three recent trips to Ludington park in Escanaba and each trip yielded a silver dime and one or two wheaties….the old hunted out park thing, LOL. Lynn R. and myself are meeting there in about three hours. I woke at 3:30 am this morning and thought I’d punch out this newsletter and take a small nap before I meet him at the park.

OK, thats it for this one and I’ll do another after the June meeting, til then, cover your holes…..cya.