July 2012 Newsletter

We had our July membership meeting Saturday the 28th at 3 pm in Ludington park in Escanaba, Michigan. We had a few new members and took another group pic. Bill C. and one other member were off in the parking lot so they didn’t get in this pic. Oh! By the way, some or I should say most of the members remembered to smile this time.

We planned the date and time for our annual picnic, which is Saturday the 25th of August at 12 noon at Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone. We also decided which meats we’re going to barbecue and who is going to bring what dish or condiment and desserts. We also decided that everyone will bring their own refreshments to drink. The pavilion is booked for the summer so we’ll be at the rear (south end) of the park.

I got an email from a couple over in the Soo and their interested in joining. Good! The more the merrier and there’s strength in numbers. A big Welcome to Harry and Sylvia.

We also decided to have a minimal membership dues so our club can grow and purchase needed items for the club. We talked it over and decided on $2 dollars a month starting in August. One can pay by the month or send the $24 dollars for the entire year.

I did have to send the following email to the members that haven’t been to any meetings.

The yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club held their July meeting in Ludington park in Escanaba on Saturday July 28th at 3pm. We decided to start collecting club dues starting in August of this year (2012) The money will be used for various things like our annual picnic, caps with our club name and some will be used for prizes at scheduled club hunts. Some members have not attended meetings, which is understandable because of long distances they have to come to the meetings and the price of gasoline. If you desire to be in the club you can mail the $2.00 a month or remit a payment of $24.00 for the year.Just email me at the contact us area on our website, I’ll then give you my full name and address so you can send a check. If you don’t want to be a member use the same “contact us” area of the website and let me know. At this time we have 25 members in the club. Our club picnic will be on August 25th at Pioneer Trail park at 12 noon.

I had to send this email to get a grip on who is really interested in being in the club or maybe just joined and forgot about it.

One last thing. I’ve been finding some silver coins while water detecting and as most of you all probably know, silver coins get black when they’ve been in the water for some time. At least when they’ve been in fresh lake water, I don’t know about salt water. Anyways, when I get a silver coin in water from freshwater lakes I usually tumble them in my Lortone tumbler with a teaspoon of salt and another of white vinegar, then enough tap water to just cover the gravel. I use aquarium gravel. I know, don’t do any cleaning of coins that may be of value. I just do it with common silver coins. Another method I use is a pencil eraser. Just rub a soft pencil eraser on both sides and also the edges and you’ll see. For an example look on our yoopercoinshooters.com site and go to the members treasure gallery and go to page 8 and there’s a Roosevelt dime before and after (2 pics) at the bottom of that page. Electrolysis is another good method, but the eraser is a lot faster and does just as good as any other way. I have a bunch of pencils on my desk missing the erasers to prove it.

OK, that’s it for this one, see ya in August…. and don’t forget to cover your holes.