October Newsletter

Well, we had our yoopercoinshooters club meeting on September 29th over in Escanaba at Ludington park. We had about 13 members show and all went well, almost. I forgot the agenda I had prepared for the meeting so I had to wing it from memory! I did cover most of the items I’d planned except one, which is possibly changing the time of the meetings for the winter months. Some of the members are from out of town and I really don’t want them traveling home in the dark in the winter with the snow and possibly having deer run out in the roadways when it’s slippery. Starting next month we’ll be meeting at the apartment building where my wife and I live. We have a large public dinning area and we’ll have coffee and desert for the meetings.

We did talk about finally getting our caps with the club logo on. I’m just waiting for Steve to give me the price of having the club name embroidered on the front of the caps. We also voted on having summer caps with the mesh type instead of the winter type, and all but one member voted for the mesh type. I believe I will have 5 or so of the winter type made up also.

I’ve been detecting most every day and Lynn Richards and Bill Castle and myself went to Escanaba near the bandshell and detected an area where the water has drastically receded because of the absence of rain this summer. Lynn got some fishing lures, Bill got some lures and a few wheats from the mid forties and I got a 1951d wheat and a nice 1938 Mercury dime. We also picked up clad coins. The total for the fishing lures between the three of us was 29 spoons and spinners and a pile of sinkers. Most of the coins were within 50 feet of the original shore line. I believe I’ll make another trip to the area and try for some older coins.

I did do a boy scout camp a couple weeks ago and found about $14 in change but no silver. I did find a nice knife and a scout pin. I’m leaving tomorrow for a visit to Traverse city and will leave at 6am so I can return the same day. It’s about 240 miles and I’d like to get in a little detecting there if I have time.

Ok, I’ll cut this newsletter a little short and call it a wrap……til the next one, don’t forget to cover your holes……please.