December Newsletter

We had our yoopercoinshooters November meeting on the 24th and although we had a small turnout because of the deer season we did get some business accomplished.

We added a new page in the left column titled “officers and members” It has pictures of the club officers and list members names and city they live in.

Our secretary, Jason Bernard did roll call and the meeting was called to order at 3pm sharp. Bill Castle, our treasurer was absent because he was at camp deer hunting, so Lynn collected the membership dues that were outstanding. Lynn Richards is our assistant treasurer.

I brought up that I’d like the membership to write about some of their coinshooting trips. I’ll edit them and get them published in our newsletter. I’m sure some may be very interesting.

I also brought up that starting with the December meeting we’re going to have a 50/50 drawing, tickets for the drawing will be $1.00 each.

I also asked the members to keep a log of their finds so I can publish them at years end. I always do mine in the newsletter each year.

Another item I mentioned to the members is when they find a dog license and there’s a phone number or address, to try and make contact with the dogs owner. Sometimes the pet is now deceased and it’d be a keepsake for the owner. I did contact one owner about 20 miles from my hometown in Gladstone and returned the tag and we got to talking about how I found it metal detecting and he mentioned he’d lost his wedding band a few years ago and wondered if I could maybe find it. He’s pretty sure exactly where it was lost, so in the spring I’ll contact him and a few of our members will attempt to find it for him.

During the winter I’ll be contacting some potato farmers to seek permission to hunt their fields after plowing is done. I picked potatoes when I was a youngster back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, so I’m sure there were some coins, etc. lost in the potato patches.

During the winter I’m going to contact some of the metal detecting companies for donating any items they can for our club raffles and prizes at our club hunts and picnic, wish me luck!

I and Lynn went to Ludington park in Escanaba,MI yesterday 12 3 2012 and I found a 1959 silver Rosie and a 1906 silver Canada quarter along with some clad coins. We’re going back today and Jason’s going to join us. Then Tuesday I’m going back to my son in laws place in Perronville,MI where Lynn and I found quite a few good finds in coins and tokens.

OK, that’s it for this one. Happy hunting, and don’t forget to PLEASE “cover your holes”, cya, Bill