February Newsletter

Well, we had our regular yoopercoinshooters club meeting on Saturday the 26th at my residence here in Gladstone.

January meeting

We had the monthly 50/50 drawing which was won by Pete Harvala’s wife Elaine.

We may have a couple new members which I’ll announce in the March newsletter.

The ground is frozen fairly deep in the U.P. now, so that ends the detecting for sure!! We don’t have all that much snow here in the Escanaba/Gladstone area, maybe 4 or 5 inches but I’m not going detecting with my hammer and chisel this year.

Lynn Richards made a sifter for water detecting for him and myself. I’ve nicknamed him “Mr. Fixit”. He’s really handy and can do great wood and metal wood projects.

water sifter

I had about an hour chat with Ken Briggs of the Three Seasons Treasure Hunters club over in Chippawa Falls, Wisconsin. Really nice fellow and I watched all of his youtube videos and visited his neat club site.

I’m going to list my 2012 coin finds in a seperate post right after I post this newsletter.

OK, that’s about it for this one. Hang on yoopers, spring is just around the corner! Cya, and don’t forget to cover your holes, PLEASE!