March Newsletter

The March 30th meeting of the yoopercoinshooters club was held at Bay View Manor where I reside. Jason B. did the roll call and we had an even dozen attending. Bill C. did the treasurer report and also announced we have 4 new members since the last meeting. The new members are, Steve M. from Manistique, Herb P. from Cornell, Francis P. from Gwinn and Ron R. from Naubinway. Steve M. has recently opened a business in Escanaba called Ye Old Coin Shop and it’s at 920 Ludington Street. He has a little bit of everything for sale and he also buys items to sell. Herb P. works at the store along with several other employee’s.

We collected dues and also collected for the 50/50 drawing, which was won by Jason B.

We then ask if anyone would like the job of vice president of our club and Ron C. said he’d take it on. Sometime in the future we may be holding elections for club officers. Now that we have all the officers installed we will be having a meeting and draw up club bylaws.

I sent emails to 10 different metal detecting companies asking for donations of different detecting related items for club events and received zero replies. Very disappointing.

Our next meeting, weather permitting we may have in one of our park pavilions….if it ever warms up!!

We ordered more club caps and they’re on backorder. There are a couple minor changes in lettering on this next order.

I showed the members the Fisher F2 detector I won in a Youtube contest that Russ Balbirona over in Janesville, Wisconsin held last month. Out of over 1200 entries, I won. It’ll make a good backup detector when I go out of town.

I want to thank my wife Sharon for the cake she made for the meeting and also Dan T. and Liz E. for bringing the cookies. Oh yeah, Liz, let me know when you get all the snow shoveled out of your yard so I can come over and detect.

I think I may try making a few Youtube videos. I subscribe to about 70 different Youtubers and have been taking notice of the different cameras they use and there’s one called Kodak ZX3 Playsport at about $130 bucks that seems to be the one I’d need. It also has a easy to use macro for coin, etc. closeups.

The snow is melting and I think a couple more weeks or so from now we may be able to do some detecting. The ground is frozen in some spots but we got quite a bit of snow before the cold temps so it should be okay after the snow’s gone. Personally, I’m more anxious to get back to water detecting. I was in Green Bay last month and picked up a new pair of insulated waders for the first part of the water detecting season, til we can get in the water with our wetsuits.

I think I covered everything, if not I’ll include it in the next newsletter. Good luck detecting, hope you all had a nice Easter, watch out, today is April fools day and…….. Please cover your holes!