April Newsletter

Wow ! The month of May is upon us and the weather is finally getting warm and the ground is thawed. Hey, here’s one for the books. I and my wife went by the Gladstone beach yesterday (Sunday 5/5/2013) and there was 5 people swimming. They were in the water splashing around. I think they may have been on something! The water temp can’t be much over 50 degrees.

We had our yoopercoinshooter metal detecting meeting on April the 27th and had a fair turnout. We also want to welcome Ray Philips as our newest member into our club. Lucky Ray also was the winner in our 50/50 drawing held during the meeting. Good going Ray.

Our officers have started to draw up the clubs bylaws. I think it’ll take awhile to get them all hashed out and then they will be brought to the membership for approval.

We didn’t go hungry at the meeting. Dan Trenary brought some sweet rolls, Lynn Richards brought cookies and made the second pot of coffee and my wife Sharon made some brownies. Thanks to all three of you.

Our next meeting will be May 18th at 3 pm, instead of the usual last Saturday of the month because of Memorial Day weekend.

The new club caps are in and Steve Viau took them to have our club name embroidered on them. We did decide to charge $12 for any one that wanted a extra cap other than the one you get free when you join the club. The extra few dollars will go toward our club picnic costs.

I had a good hunt at my son in laws again in Perronville. Saturday I dug up a 1907d barber dime, a 1934 wheat cent, 2 buffalo nickels. One was a 1920 and the other was a 1937d. I also dug a 1952d Jefferson nickel. The next day, Sunday I dug a 1929 wheat cent, a 1947 Rosie dime, a 1944d Mercury dime and a 1944 Washington quarter. I thought that yard was cleaned out !!…. I really know better so I’m going back tomorrow.

This newsletter is a little late because there’s been a few technical problems with the server of our site. There had to be some new updates installed and they created a few minor problems but, I think they’re straightened out……….I hope.

The city of Gladstone is doing some street renovations and I got permission to metal detect at the end of the work day so as to not get in the workers way. They’re tearing up about three blocks of sidewalks on both sides of Delta avenue. I just got started detecting Friday and the rain and thunder moved in, so I’ll have to wait a couple days to see what’s been deposited by the past generations of Gladstone residents.

OK, I think that covers just about everything. I’ll close this one out with……Good detecting to you all and don’t forget to cover your holes……PLEASE.