May Newsletter

Well, Today is May 31st. The months are starting to fly by. Another three weeks and the days will start getting shorter……brrrr.

We had a pretty good turnout for the May 18th meeting. We had our meet a week early this month because of Memorial Day weekend.may meeting 002

Bill Castle won the 50/50 drawing. (lucky stiff) We have four new members as of the last meeting. Jesse F., Roger D., Jeff M., and Ray P. Ray and Jesse are from Escanaba and Jeff and Roger are from Gladstone. Welcome to the club men.

Lynn Richards and Jason Bernard have been on fire lately finding goodies and coins, of course Lynn has two new detectors which makes a difference. He has a Minelab Excalibur and a CTX3030. We know who’s got the bucks!!

Lynn and I tried water detecting with our insulated waders and were testing some new equipment. We didn’t find much but we got some kinks ironed out.

My son Jim helped me out and we changed the member and treasure galleries, now when you go to a gallery the newest pics are in the beginning, so you don’t have to scroll 10 or 11 pages to see the newest pics. There is also an arrow on each side of every pic if you put your pointer on the left or right edge halfway down you can go to the next or previous pic.

Thanks to Dan Trenary and Lynn Richards for the snacks. My wife made some blueberry yum yum and we had soda and coffee. I want to thank Bill Castle for the use of his coffee pot for our meetings.

I also gave a big hand to all the members. I started the club in the spring of 2010 and it was touch and go for quite some time but it seems to be taking hold thanks to all that have come on board…yahoo !!

We inserted a new pic on the member/officers section. The pic is of the five club officers and their names below the pic.

Well this ones in the can, good luck detecting and don’t forget to “cover your holes”….Please.