July Newsletter

We had our yoopercoinshooter club meeting in the Gladstone park on Saturday July 27th. We took care of some old business and as there were no new members or dues to collect, we got talking about our picnic in September. I’ve recently emailed all members saying that at the August meeting we’ll be deciding which dish each member will be bringing to the picnic. We will also decide which meat/meats (dogs, burgers/ribs, etc) we’ll be having. I also emailed each member to try and get an idea on who is and who isn’t coming to the picnic so we can figure how much meat to pickup. (The club furnishes the meat for the picnic). I also reminded each member that they can bring their spouse.

I promise to make it a little easier when I bury the coins for the club hunt. Last year I buried 50 plus coins and other items and I believe they only found about 15 or so.

We then held the 50/50 drawing and I (Bill Bruner) had the winning ticket……Yahoo!!

Bill Castle’s wife Karen made a couple desserts for the meeting. One was a Chocolate cake and the other was an apple dessert with frosting. (I had 2 of those as I can’t eat anything with chocolate or caffeine). I furnished the soda and bottled water.

I gave Dan Trenary an Indian head penny that I had found at his place in Cornell about a week or so earlier. He has some interesting coins and other items that he’s found on his property. I also found a Mercury dime on the trip to his place.

Lynn Richards and I went to the Ironwood area 2 weeks ago and last week we went to the Crystal Falls area for some land and water detecting. I’m going to do a seperate post to give ya all and idea of what occured and what we found. We also had a couple surprises on each trip……Be sure to look for the post and you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, that’s it for this one. Happy hunting and don’t forget to “cover your holes”……please.