August Newsletter

We had our August meeting of the yoopercoinshooters meeting on Saturday the 31st. We had a small turnout because of the Labor day weekend. Bill Castle gave his treasurers report and Jason Bernard, our secretary recorded the meeting.

We didn’t have any new members to welcome so we went straight to the discussions of the upcoming annual picnic on September 28th. The members decided on having brats and hamburgers for the meat item and other members chimed in with dishes they would bring to the picnic. The picnic is for members and their spouse. I’ll be calling the members that were not at the meeting and get a count as to who is attending so Bill Castle can order the meat.

We have a new look to our site. My son Jim Bruner who designed the yoopercoinshooters website did some updates and inserted some new graphics. He also put in a members area to sell metal detecting related items for sale.

Club officers are still working on the bylaws. I believe we’ll wrap them up by the end of 2013.

I did contact Gladstone city hall about getting detecting back in the city park and other city property. They said that sometime in September I’ll be called to attend a meeting/meetings with the city manager, recreation board and planning commission.

The weather is changing fast. Temperatures are going to be in the 70’s daytime and 40’s at night. We still have a lot of detecting time left but, with a little heavier clothing.

On the funny side, Lynn Richards and I were driving through thru a wooded area last year and came upon an old baseball field. We turned around and detected for a short time. We found the usual clad and I think a couple wheat cents and I found a nice Buffalo nickel laying right on top of the ground. It was a ball field we’d never detected, so this year I mentioned to Lynn that I’d like to give it a good going over since we now had Etrac detectors. I spent a couple hours and the next day Lynn and I spent a good time looking! We put about 120 miles on the car! Yep, looking for the ball field! Neither one of us can remember where the heck that ball field is !!!

OK, that’s it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes…..PLEASE.