yoopercoinshooters 2013 picnic

We had our annual yoopercoinshooters picnic at Pioneer Trail park on Saturday, September 28th. The weather cooperated with a near 70 degree temperature and it was just a little windy, but we were protected by the beautiful pine trees that encompass the park.

Everyone had arrived about noon. First on the agenda was the food, and was it good. Most of the members brought a hot dish or a salad and a couple brought deserts to pass around. Bill Castle did the cooking again this year and he always does a super job. We had nice thick hamburgers and some juicy brats from Viau’s market in Escababa.

While we were waiting for the coin hunt to start, a few of the wives passed around to each member: Minelab shopping bags, White’s and Minelab caps, pens, pen knives, water bottles and brochures along with bumper stickers donated by White’s and Minelab.

After the meal we did the coin hunt which lasted 45 minutes. I (Bill Bruner) buried 80 pennies and 20 nickels which we’re specially marked. I also buried 8 of my personal copper tags that I occasionally leave as a calling card in many of the places I detect. The coins were points that went toward first, second and third place. The 8 copper tags went towards special prizes of 8 sets of headphones donated by White’s. First place which was won by Jason Bernard, was a trophy, a coin set which consisted of a Morgan dollar, and seated half dollar, a silver quarter, dime, a nickel and a Indian penny. Also as part of first place there was a Bulls eye pin pointer. Second place won by Bill Castle consisted of a trophy, A Bulls eye pin pointer and a Morgan silver dollar. Third place which was a tie between Ron Chouinard and Lynn Richards and was decided by a coin flip. The coin flip was won by Ron Chouinard and he received a really nice backpack donated by Minelab detectors. The coins we’re donated by the yoopercoinshooters club. The Bulls eye pin pointers we’re donated by White’s metal detectors of Sweet Home Oregon. The trophy’s we’re donated by Steve & Vicki Viau that operate Spotlight Tour buses of Gladstone,MI. The special tags I buried were found by Jason Bernard and Bill Castle and the prizes were : Bill Castle a set of White’s Pro Star headphones, Jason Bernard a set of White’s Star Lite headphones. There were more special tags that were not found and we included those tag prizes in the door prize drawings. We had a little over 40 door prizes and each member attending the picnic tossed in a dollar for a chance at the prizes. Everyone won at least two prizes in the door prize drawings.

The members only found about one third of the coins and tags I buried. The participants were all good detectorist and that goes to show you the importance of getting that coil over the targets. One member found a Buffalo nickel I planted last year. A couple tags I planted last year were also found, and here’s the proof of what I said about getting the coil over the target. I and several others in the club have been over that same ground many times and we had our hunt in the same exact place as last year. Well, Ray Philips found a silver Roosevelt dime and Jason Bernard found a silver Mercury dime dated 1920. Those were not planted by the club and were in the ground for who knows how long.

We had our regular 50/50 drawing and Bonnie Philips was the winner.
Bonnie’s husband Ray made me a super nice gavel to use at our monthly meetings. Thanks Ray, I won’t have to use my shoe anymore.

The membership decided that next year we would hold our annual picnic in June. Around this part of the country it’s usually warm enough and past the rainy season. We also decided to hold our picnic at Ludington park in Escanaba. Pioneer Trail park is very nice but, if another group decided to have a doings at the same time as us we might be restricted on room for the hunt and other activities.

Before we broke up and went on our ways I asked everyone to line up and I did a “Simon Says”. I always wanted to give that a try and it went very well. After 5 or 10 minutes I eliminated all but one of the contestants and the last one standing was Wendy Dausey, the winner!! She received a cash prize for her efforts.

I want to thank all of the sponsors that donated for our picnic. White’s metal detectors of Sweet Home Oregon donated a fantastic amount of their products to help make our annual picnic a success. Here is a list of the other business’s that gave: Minelab Detectors, Gladstone Super Value (thanks Curt Spreen), Brampton Bike (thanks Mike Williams), Main Street pizza of Gladstone,(thanks Bob Claycomb), Viau’s market of Escanaba (thanks Jeanette & Wally) Coca Cola of Escanaba (thanks Nick Bink), C&C sales of Escanaba (thanks Will Carnes), Iverson’s Home Center of Gladstone (thanks Herb Iverson), Bill Castle, our club secretary (and picnic cook), (thanks Bill). Thanks to our club assistant treasurer, Lynn Richards for bringing the tables and chairs from his home to the park earlier that morning. Thanks to all the wives that made all the yummy dishes that were passed around. One last thanks to all the members that donated condiments and the supplies for serving the food.

Within the next few days I’ll be putting up the picnic pics in the picture galleries.

The 2013 picnic was the best ever and we’re looking forward to next year with more members and more prizes.

That’s it for this one. See ya in the parks or ball diamonds looking for the big one…………Don’t forget to cover your holes, PLEASE.