December Newsletter

Happy New Year to all.

Today is Tuesday, December 31st and tomorrow will be a new year. They sure fly by, don’t they?

Time for planning next years places to metal detect. I really didn’t get a chance to detect all the places I’d planned for 2013. I had a list printed up and it sure seemed like some super good places to hit with the etrac. Then as the summer went by some of the intended areas didn’t sound so good. Now when we can’t get out because of the snow and sub zero temperatures those places sound awfully good again. Two years ago I went detecting in all the winter months and the early spring months and shoveled away the snow and chipped away at the frozen ground with a hammer and chisel. I even got some coins, some were in two pieces…..but I DID get some. The ground was frozen to about 4 to 6 inches deep.The point is, I didn’t find anything of value, but I truly had a good time by just getting out with my detector. My self proclaimed nickname is “Diehard Yooper”. I have an avatar that depicts a skeleton carrying a metal detector.

December meetingWe had our December meeting of the Yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club at my residence in Gladstone Michigan on Saturday the 28th of December. We had a better than expected attendance considering the holidays of Christmas and New years. The fifty-fifty drawing winner was Rands wife Donna Gillespie. We had a pleasant surprise when Donna donated her half of the fifty-fifty she’d won back to the club treasury. Very nice, thank you Donna.

Bill Castle has been doing some research and brought up having a club hunt this spring as soon as the ground thaws. The area will be about 65 miles from Gladstone and is a long forgotten ghost town. When we go, we’ll car pool and share fuel expenses and make it a days outing and take lunches and cameras.

Starting with the January meeting we will have a new club vice president. Liz Eason was appointed by me with the other officers recommendations. Ron Chouinard was the vice president but with his business (Delta Fence and construction) kept Ron too busy. Ron will still be a valued member of the club though.

This next item I’m writing about has no connection to detecting but I think is very important, especially to the older detectorist….including yours truly. I saw on one of the syndicated news channels a new procedure on carotid arteries called the “silk road procedure”. Here’s a link to the animated version here’s another link to the write up. I have blocked cartoid arteries and some time in the near future may be getting this procedure done.

OK, that’s it for this one, Til next year, I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and a healthy and successful 2014……..and don’t forget to COVER YOUR HOLES….PLEASE. CYA, Bill Bruner