November Newsletter

Hello Winter. We had our yoopercoinshooter club meeting on Saturday the 23rd of November at my residence. We had a small turnout as expected because of deer season. Last year we cancelled the meeting for November because of deer season and Thanksgiving and cancelled the December meeting because of Christmas. This year we decided to have meetings for those two months and just bump up the November meeting a week earlier. As of today (11-30) we have a couple inches of snow on the ground and it looks like it’s here to stay. Hopefully this winter won’t drag out like last years.

We didn’t do too much at the meeting. We talked about the different places we detected this past summer and some of the treasures we’d found. We had the fifty fifty drawing and I think Francis Pleaugh from Gwinn won. He made his first meeting since he had heart valve surgery late this fall. Francis, It’s good to see you back in circulation. We’ve also talked about having a separate open coin/token hunt some time this summer. It’ll be open to the public and will have an entry fee that will be decided on between now and late spring.

My wife (Sharon) made Blueberry yum yum and we had coffee and soda for snacks.

We decided on having the December meeting on the 28th and I’m hoping on a fair turnout.

We’re expecting a couple new members either in December or January.

On my last hunt I went to my son in laws over in Perronville,MI and got a nice 1920 standing liberty quarter and I figured it to be in vf condition. Worth about $20 bucks. Good way to end the year.

Well, that’s is it for this one, short meeting, short newsletter. Til the next one, Don’t forget to cover your holes…..PLEASE.