July Newsletter

July meeting 002

On Saturday July 26th we had our monthly yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club meeting at Escanaba’s Ludington park. We had a small turnout because of several events going on in the area at the same time.

Our vice president, Liz Eason and myself put up the club banner for display.

We started, as we always do with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed with our secretary’s report by Bill Castle. Financially, we’re in pretty good shape. We also signed up a new member, Jeff Newman from the Trenary area. Jeff uses a Garrett Ace 350 and a Garrett AT Pro. Welcome to the club Jeff.

I informed the members that I’d received a event donations box from Garrett corporation. I’ve been in contact with Adam Lewis in Garland, Texas for some time now and Fedex dropped the box off last week. There are some nice items from Garrett, including a brand new metal detector we’ll give away at our annual September picnic at Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone.

July meeting 001

Lynn Richard brought a couple coin sticks and did a demo on coin I.D. for each members different brands of detectors. The flat pieces have different denominations of coins, pull tabs, bottle caps, etc glued on the wood and each member passed their detector over each object/coin and made a note of the different objects/coins and the number reading there detector displays for each object/coin. Seeing there was a small turnout for the meeting, Lynn will bring the demo sticks to the next meeting in August. Thanks Lynn.

Some time in the next 30 days , I’m going to work with my son Jim and we’ll do a video on the proper way to take a plug and extract the item from the hole and then how to close the hole and finish up with a area that will look like it’d never been disturbed. My son Jim is the webmaster and built the yoopercoinshooter web site

Lynn Richards collected for the 50/50 drawing and Jeff Newman drew Liz Eason’s ticket to win the 50/50.

July meeting 003

There was a motion to adjourn and seconded, so we ended the meeting early because there were some really dark clouds moving in from the north. My wife had called from Gladstone and said there were some severe thunder storms with wind and hail coming our way.

OK, that’s it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes…………………PLEASE.