June Newsletter

Well, here we are in the month of July already. OK, the days are getting shorter so we better get busy with our detecting. So many coins to find and so little time!
We had our June 28th meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club meeting at Ludington park in Escanaba and had a fair turnout. Myself and 3 others didn’t make it for the picture.June meeting 001 After the pledge of allegiance we did the treasurers report and some old business.

Lynn Richards and Liz Eason put up our club banner that we’ll now be displaying at all club meetings. When people drive or walk by us in the future they’ll know what were all about.

Rand Gillespie told us of his recent find, a nice Mercury dime. Way to go Rand, you finally broke the ice. Bonnie Philips showed us her very first find since joining the club and getting out detecting. It was a nice piece of chain about a foot or so long……….oh well, you have to start some place! Really though, way to go Bonnie.

Our vice president Liz Eason said she thinks we should keep the club part of the 50/50 money and use it for promotional or other club expenses. It was put to a motion and passed easily. Good idea Liz.

We’re still looking for a neat place to have our club coin hunt, we’re still hoping to find an old bean or potato field or possibly an old homestead in a field.

Jason Bernard emailed me the other day and informed me that his brother Ryan turned up a 1886 Morgan silver dollar about 7 inches deep……wowie!! Good find Ryan.

Minelab has a new gold detector. It’s the SDC2300. It also goes under water down to ten feet. It also folds into to a small package. Retail is $3750.00.

I met Brian Whitens at Ludington park a couple weeks ago. He taped a metal detecting segment for TV. He’s taking Buck LeVasseurs place on WLUC TV channel 6 in Marquette doing the “Discovering” show. We did quite a bit of filming and after a fine job of editing by Brian, the segment came out really nice. Thanks to Brian and WLUC TV 6 for the exposure for our club. Brian has a show, check his site out http://www.realoutdoors.com

I got a package from White’s metal detecting which had many items for our annual yoopercoinshooters picnic in September. I recently asked our area rep for White’s (Bill Castle) and he contacted the White’s regional rep (Mike Brighty in Sylvania Ohio) and Mike contacted The White’s company in Sweet Home Oregon for donations for our clubs annual picnic in September. I still have to contact Garrett and Minelab for donations. After we get all the donations together for the picnic, the club officers will meet and decide which prizes will be for the coin hunt and which ones will be for door prizes.

Here’s a link to the video that aired on channel 6 wluc’s “Discovering” show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD9Y04D_–Q&feature=youtu.be
There’s also a link here on our website.

The 50/50 drawing was held and won by Lynn Richards. …………Get up to the bar, Lynn’s buying!!!

There was a motion and it was seconded to adjorn the meeting, so that’s about it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes…………………..PLEASE .