August Newsletter

August 2014 meeting

We had our August meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on August the 30th at my residence. We were supposed to have it at Ludington park but the day before the meeting a storm cell moved in and I had to switch to Bayview Manor for the meeting.

We decided that from now on when we have a outdoor meeting scheduled and it looks like it’s going to rain, we’d automatically move the meeting place to my residence at Bayview Manor in Gladstone.

After we said the pledge of allegiance the meeting was called to order and I informed the members that I’d received a package from White’s and Garrett that they’d donated for our upcoming club picnic for prizes. We still have a package on the way from Minelab.

Bill Castle gave his treasurer report and we’re in good shape financially. We didn’t have any new members since the July meeting, but I did inform Bill I’d received a call from a man in Iron Mountain that he and his wife are interested in joining. In fact I did learn later that they’d been at the original meeting place in Ludington park and waited for us to show up for about an hour. He had no way of knowing thet the meeting place had been changed…..sorry about that Floyd.

Bill Castle passed out our new name tags that his wife Karen made up on her computer, thanks Karen.

Dan Trenary has finalized the place of our club hunt. I’ll email all members the locale with a easy to follow map of the place in the Flatrock area. The hunt will be in a potato field and the date is set for the 20th of this month (September).

Donna Gillespie had recently made a purchase from White’s and they gave her a $100.00 gift certificate to use towards accessories and she donated the accessories to the club to use as door prizes at the picnic……A BIG THANK YOU DONNA.

Lynn Richards and myself recently went to the Soo and located several baseball diamonds to detect. We talked to the grounds keeper and he said he didn’t have a problem with us doing them but, we probably should go downtown to city hall and check with them. Well, they gave us a paper that basically says no detecting in the Soo!!!

Lynn and myself did go to a park in the western U.P. and between us we got about 25 wheat cents and 14 silver coins and quite a bit of Lincoln memorial cents and clad coins.

Lynn collected for the 50/50 drawing which was won by Bonnie Philips…………Bonnie’s buying?

I also informed the members present for the meeting that in the future at any outdoor meetings to bring a lawn chair in case we can’t get enough picnic tables together for the meeting.

When we have our annual coinshooters metal detecting club picnic every September we ask our members to each bring a hot or cold dish or dessert to pass around. The club furnishes the meat and soda. We’re asking members to bring their silverware and a sharp knife for the meat product we’re ordering this year. Also we’re asking them to bring a plate (not paper or styrofoam) from home. The club will not furnish any alcohol.

OK, that’s about it for this one, see ya all at the upcoming club hunt on Saturday the 20th and club picnic on Saturday the 27th at Pioneer Trail park. The picnic starts right after the meeting which begins at 1 pm. Don’t forget, if it rains on picnic day, the picnic will be at Bayview Manor 217 Dakota avenue in Gladstone.

A motion to adjourn was made by Pete Harvala and seconded by Liz Eason.

Don’t forget to “cover your holes”……PLEASE.