September Newsletter

We had our monthly club meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club followed by the clubs annual picnic on Saturday September 27th at 1 pm at Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone Michigan.

After the pledge of allegiance we covered some old business and under new business Liz Eason offered to take over the job of club secretary which was vacated by Jason Bernard. We lost a good member and detectorist in Jason and I hope in the near future he’ll be able to return. We also lost about 8 or 9 other members for various reasons, such as traveling distances to the meets and working on Saturdays, etc. (the same day as our regular meetings).

We will be taking a new picture of club officers shortly. The club officers are now as follows: president – Bill Bruner, vice president and secretary – Liz Eason, treasurer – Bill Castle, and assistant treasurer – Lynn Richards.

We polled the membership as to making dues payable in August instead of September so they wouldn’t be due the same month as the picnic. After making dues payable in August we reimbursed one member for two months back dues and the rest of the members waived the reimbursement of one months dues. We also talked about and decided that when there is a scheduled meeting or club hunt and the forecast is rain for that day, we will automatically have the event the following day. Also if the meeting is scheduled for the park or some outside venue, and it rains, the meeting will automatically be scheduled at my residence in Gladstone, Bay View Manor at 217 Dakota avenue.

We then held the 50/50 drawing which was won by Bonnie Philips. Bonnie won last month too. We had a short meeting because we were all hungry and the food is how we start off the annual picnic. Bill Castle does the cooking at the picnics and as usual he did an excellent job.

Before I get into the specifics of the hunt and other activities I want to send out some thank you’s to the following: To Bill Castle and Lynn Richards for arriving early and the day before to plant the coins for the hunt and pick a spot for our picnic and move tables and setup chairs for the doings. I also want to thank Lynn Richards for running the 50/50 drawing, running the club hunt and collecting the money for the raffle drawings and handing out the prizes to the winners. I want to thank all the ladies and Dan Trenary for the items they prepared to pass around at the picnic. Liz Eason also took pictures of the hunt and she also aided Lynn with the raffle drawings.

The coin hunt lasted one hour and they were off with a bang. Lynn and Bill C. did a super job planting the coins and they also had a good many coins strewn around on top of the ground. I called them decoy coins and they did not count for anything. Well, I (Bill Bruner got lucky and found twenty of the planted coins and won a Morgan dollar and a one year free membership. Donna Gillespie came in at second place with 16 coins and received a silver dollar and a one year free membership. Donna tied with her husband Rand so, they split the membership. After the hunt we had a bunch of door prize drawings.

I want to mention that White’s metal detecting cooperation sent us a very nice selection of products and one of their banners for display. Garrett also sent us a banner and a very nice selection of their products. Minelab detectors sent us a very generous supply of their new caps to distribute to all members. Garrett also sent us a Garrett Ace 350 metal detector. Minelab also sent us their Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector. The Garrett and Minelab metal detectors were both won at door prize drawings and both were won by Cindy Pleaugh (she’s the wife of member, Francis Pleaugh from Gwinn) and I’m quite sure she’s happy she was able to make the picnic!

If anyone wants to view the pictures taken at the picnic, go to the members galleries section and the pictures are on pages one, two and the first 11 pictures on page three.

We wrapped up the picnic with a Simon Says contest. I had a harder time this year getting members to make mistakes, but finally did it until Ron Chouinard was the last member standing. He received a cash prize for his efforts. Good going Ron!

Next Saturday we’re going on a club hunt at a strawberry field near Trenary, Michigan. It’s about 28 miles from Gladstone and the public has been strawberry picking there for over 50 years. The farm is owned by Joe Ostanek and is now managed by his son in-law Pete Maki.

I want to thank Pete and Joe for allowing us to hold the club hunt there. The weather looks like a strong possibility of rain for Saturday, so if that happens we’ll have the hunt on Sunday at 11 am. Directions to the Ostanek strawberry farm is as follows: Turn onto highway 67 at Trenary and go about 3 miles and you’ll see their sign on the left.

OK, that’s about it for this one. Til the next newsletter……..Don’t forget to cover your holes, PLEASE.