The next meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be on Saturday, December 7th, (No Meeting For November), at Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan at 12:30 EST. After we eat we'll go to Ludington park for the club hunt. If you need directions, call Bill Bruner @ 906.241.9150 or send an email.

Checklist For Daily Detecting Trip

When you leave for a day of metal detecting it’s easy to forget an item. And if you’re miles from home it’s unlikely you’re going to drive back to retrieve these items unless they are absolutely essential.

Through the years we’ve found a number of basic items that are always brought along on every trip. And we would like to share this checklist of metal detecting gear for your consideration on your next day trip.

Atlas U.S. states/Michigan parks book
Bottled water
Detector/extra detector
Detector belt
Detector sand scoops
Detector tool box
Detector charger
Extra shirt
Extra socks
GPS (car)
GPS handheld
Hiking boots
Mosquito repellant
Parks loose leaf (white book)
Soda/small ice chest
Walkie talkies