January Newsletter

meeting 01-31-2015 005

Hi everyone. We had our regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on the 31st. We had a low turnout, as we usually do in January.

After the pledge of allegiance I called the meeting to order. Bill Castle did his treasurers report and we seem to be in good shape finacially. We did not have anyone with dues to pay as we now have all members on the same page, all members dues are payable in September of 2015.

As of January of this year we’re starting a club attendance contest. At each meeting each member present will have their name put into a container by the club secretary and the member with the most meetings attended will win a Morgan silver dollar. If a member recruits a new paid up member, they will get two extra chances put in the container. New members will get the usual club cap, club cards and a silver coin. The contest will end at our annual club picnic in September of 2015. In case of a tie the names will be put into a hat and the winner drawn.

I asked all members to save all junk, metal or otherwise and we’ll put it on a tarp at the end of the detecting season and take pictures of it.

I had our treasurer Bill Castle bring in some float copper and copper age artifacts to show members, in case some of them hadn’t seen what they look like and may discard them in the garbage cans.

We also planned a “Adopt a highway” cleanup day for this year. Donna Gillespie checked with the man in charge and he didn’t have anything within a reasonable distance for us to do. He said he’d be in touch if something came available for our club.

Starting this month we had drawings for some silver coins. The winners are as follows: Standing Liberty quarter winner was Donna Gillespie, Mercury dime winner was Dan Trenary, another mercury dime winner was Ron Chouinard, another mercury dime winner was Francis Pleaugh and the last Mercury dime winner was me, Bill Bruner. We’ll be having silver coin drawings every month.

Lynn Richards collected for the 50/50 drawing and the winner was Pete Harvala.

Dan Trenary is going to contact the local newspaper and have our monthly club meeting announcments in the paper automatically for the next 11 months. Thanks Dan!

Dan Trenary and Donna Gillespie and Bonnie Philips are going to canvas local merchants for prize donations fot the September picnic.

A couple items I forgot to mention at the meeting but, I send a Newsletter notice to each member so they’ll hear about them then. The two items are: BE ON THE WATCH IF YOU DETECT AT ANY TOT LOTS OR SCHOOL PLAYGROUNDS FOR MOLD IN THE WOOD CHIPS AND REPORT IT TO THE SCHOOL OFFICES. A couple years ago I noticed a lot of mold in one schools playground and notified them and the chips were gathered up and replenished with fresh ones. The other item I failed to inform the members is, when detecting a coin and it has dirt on it, do not start rubbing it if it seems to be an older coin. Get a small spray water bottle and set to a mist spray and clean them that way in case it’s a key or semi key date. I see detectorist on Youtube pouring a little water on a coin, then patting it with their fingers to loosen the packed on dirt. I think that procedure can put scratches on the coin and reduce the value considerably. Myself and Lynn Richards use the spray water bottle technique.

Donna Gillespie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Dan Trenary.

Well, that’s it for this one, don’t forget to cover your holes……..PLEASE.