February Newsletter

february 2015 meeting 006

We had our February, 2015 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club at my residence at 3:10 pm in Gladstone, Michigan. On March 10th of this year we’ll have been a club for 5 years …..WOW, the time has flown by! We started with 4 members: (me) Bill Bruner, Bill Castle, Lynn Richards, and Ron Chouinard, and gained 5 more members in that year (2010). We didn’t recruit any in 2012, but started growing after that. The number of members went up and down after that because of distance and the high price of gasoline. We have about 20 members now, but their solid dedicated members. We’ll grow in the upcoming years.

We do get inquiries to join from the lower peninsula of Michigan and a few surrounding states but, we have 1 stipulation for joining the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club: You have to be a Yooper. Technically, one can join if they live elsewhere, and have dual residency with one being in the Upper Peninsula and they pay property taxes here.

OK, back to the February meeting.

We started as we always do with the pledge of allegiance followed by Bill Castle and his treasurers report. Finacially, we’re in great shape. We don’t have money to burn, but we’re doing alright!

The next business item was, any new members? Yes, four new detectorist from the surrounding area.

New members Michael and Sharon Hurkmans from Iron River, Michigan. Mike and his wife are fairlly new to metal detecting so we’re going to give them all the help and support we can.

The next new member is Alan St.John from Powers, Michigan. Alan is a newbie to metal detecting but, his buddy Tom is going to help him out and get him on track. Speaking of his buddy Tom, He’s our next new member. Tom Robison from Spalding, Michigan. Tom is retired from the U.S. Air Force (thanks for your service Tom) and has been prospecting and metal detecting for about 14 years now. Tom was stationed in England for some time and he brought some interesting items he’d found in England and I’ll be posting the pictures on our members treasures section of our website in the next few days. Tom has also done some gold prospecting in the southwestern United States.

Our previous secretary has dropped from the club for personal reasons so, at the January meeting I asked Donna Gillespie if she would take over that position. She said she’d think it over and I’m happy to write in this newsletter that she’s accepted. A huge thank you Donna! Now if you can put up with us and all our revisions.

A change in wording on the club attendance contest.

Each club member will get their name in a hat for each meeting attended. If they recruit a new dues-paying member, the recruiter will get two extra names in the hat. If the new member joins the club from the club website, they will get an extra one chance in the hat. The other change is, at the club picnic in September, all the names will be put in the hat and a winner will be drawn. The old wording was, the member with the most meetings attended would be the winner and if a tie, flip a coin. Also, The prize wording was, the prize would be a Morgan silver dollar. The new wording is, the prize is a Morgan silver dollar and a silver Peace dollar.

I’d like to reiterate on club dues. The membership fee is $20.00 dollars per year per member. For a members’ siblings under age 18, the fee is $10.00 a year each. Dues are non refundable.

I advise all members and prospective members to visit our site and read the club guidelines. There has been a few changes. The club guidelines are in the members benefits area.

I did mention to the members that I’d been doing some extensive internet research on some selected sites to detect and I have a ton of microfilm to go through yet but, I believe we’ll have an excellent site to hold a club hunt this summer.

In last month’s newsletter I’d mentioned we may do an “Adopt A Highway” but, after further inquiries by Donna Gillespie, there just are not any feasible sections of highway left to clean up in Delta county within traveling distance. They said they’d contact us if there were any changes…….oh well, we tried!

I asked all club members to save all the trash and junk they dig up while detecting this summer. At the close of the detecting season we’re going to put it all on a tarp and submit a picture to the local newspaper so local municipalities and the public see some of the good detectorists do for the parks, school yards and private property. Too many times detecting gets a bad rap because of a few that spoil it for good detectorists.

I read the usual jokes which most thought were funny.

Next on the agenda was the drawings for the coins giveaway. The winners of the monthly club coins give away this month were: Ron Chouinard-Walking liberty half dollar, Randy Gillespie-1955 Roosevelt dime, Sharon Bruner-1906 liberty nickel, Lynn Richerds-1900 Indian penny, Ray Philips-1905 Indian penny.

Lynn Richards collected for the 50/50 drawing which was won by Bill Castle………Bill’s buying?

At 4:35 pm, A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Ray Philips.

That’s it for this one, see you next month and, Don’t forget to cover your holes…….Please.