March newsletter

03-28-2015 meeting 001

Well, here we are in April, long time coming again this year. Seem like the winters are getting longer as the years go by.

I did get out detecting this year during the middle of March and found a few wheaties and 4 silver dimes. The ground was frozen down a couple inches but, with a little perseverance I managed to break through to the thawed ground.

We held our monthly meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on March 28th at my residence in Gladstone and had a fair turnout. Some members are out of town and a couple members are down south for awhile longer.

We started off with the pledge of allegiance and called the meeting to order at 3:08 pm.

The first item of business was the treasurers report by Bill Castle. After his report we discussed the bank account and possible interest we might draw from a savings account and after discussing it we made the decision to keep it in a checking account because of the small amount of interest we’d make on the savings account.

Lynn and Linda Richards are in Waukesha, Wisconsin helping their daughter and son-in-law move to a their new home. Pete and Elaine Harvala are still in Alabama and should be back for the April meeting.

The club purchased some silver dimes and passed them out to the new members that had them coming for joining the club last month.

I made the suggestion that if a member wanted to speak to please stand up and all others turn their attention to whomever had the floor. This would also make it easier for our secetary Donna Gillespie to hear the proceedings and take down the minutes of the meeting.

I asked for and received reimbursement for a printer ink refill cartridge. I informed the members that I’d been purchasing them for the last five years and I’d like to be compensated the cost every quarter, which would be 4 times a year.

Dan Trenary has called the local newspaper and our monthly meeting notice will be advertised again. Thanks a bunch Dan.

Dan Trenary also suggested that our club or some members volunteer for different organizations to get club recognition. Dan also suggested putting an ad in the lost and found section of the newspaper that we have experienced members to assist anyone in locating lot markers, lost jewelry, or anything metal and state up front the fee would be whatever the person thinks it’s worth to them if the item is found.

I also reminded the members to save all their junk they dig up and in the fall we’ll put it on a tarp and take a pic for the Daily Press to show the surrounding communites the good detectorist can do for their parks, beaches, etc.

I decided to have all members standing when I take a picture at the monthly meetings instead of everyone seated at the tables. It makes a better picture and no one is blocked out of the scene.

I discussed the ways to clean coins that we turn into the local banks and credit unions. They don’t like to see dirt laden coins going through their counting machines.

I also discussed a few websites. One for photo grading coins that may have some value depending on their condition. Another site was It has the current silver value and you can put in the number of a certain denomination and check the current value at the ever changing silver values.

Ron Chouinard said he’d bring in his diamond and gold testers to demonstrate how the carat of gold is determined and the diamond tester to check the validity of stones in jewelry.

The next item of business was the monthly drawings for the five silver coins. The first coin, a walking liberty half dollar was won by Donna Gillespie. The next four drawings were for 4 silver Roosevelt dimes. The first was won by Sharon Bruner. The next winner was Ron Chouinard. The next was Bill Castle, and the last winner was Dan Trenary.

The next item of business was the 50/50 drawing which was won by Sharon Hurkmans. Congratulations to all the coin and 50/50 winners.

Thanks to Dan Trenary for bringing something sweet to go with our coffee and soda. Sharon Bruner made some cookies and bars.

I did ask if we could purchase a 30 cup coffee pot. We’ve been using Bill Castles 12 cup pot for quite some time now and the club has outgrown it. Right after I made the request for the new pot, Sharon and her husband Mike Hurkmans mentioned they had just the size we needed and they’d only used it one time and they’d be happy to donate it to the club………….THANK YOU, Sharon and Mike!!! Thanks also to Bill Castle for the use of his coffee pot for the last 5 years.

The next meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be on April 25th at 3 pm eastern time at my residence 217 Dakota avenue in Gladstone’s Bay View Manor dining room.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:30 pm.

Thats it for this newsletter. See you next month and don’t forget to cover your holes……..PLEASE !