April Newsletter

Hi to all from the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club.

We had our regular meeting on April 25th and the meeting was called to order at 3:09 pm est.

We said the pledge of allegiance and our secretary Donna Gillespie read the minutes from last months meeting. Bonnie Philips made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Ray Philips seconded the motion.

Bill Castle read the treasurers report and we’re in good shape financially. There were no new members since the last meeting in March, so we went to old business.

I (Bill Bruner) reminded the members that we always meet at my residence (Bay View Manor) in Gladstone when the weather is rainy, snowy or just too cold. When the weather warms, we’ll be meeting in Ludington park in Escanaba and we’ll be near the tennis courts at the west end of the park or, Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone. I also reiterated to the members about saving all the trash/junk they dig up or find on the surface while detecting. We’ll dump it all on a tarp and take some pictures for the local newspaper to let the public see how we do a great deal of good in cleaning the parks, beaches, etc of the garbage left by uncaring visitors of these areas.

I also reminded members that if they have any metal detecting related items for sale, I’ll take a picture of the item and post it on our site in the for sale section. I had a pair of insulated camo chest waders for sale and sold them to a member at the meeting………..Thank you Ron. I bought them for water detecting in the early part of the season but, they were just too heavy for me to put on and take off.

New business:
I bought a few clothing items recently and wore them to the meeting for effect. A little history: My son Jim informed me about the Elimitick line of clothing that went on the market a few years ago. It’s supposed to repel ticks, mosquitos, noseeums and chiggers. If you’d like to know more just punch up Elimitick on your computer. Anyways, Lynn Richards and myself checked areas where this clothing is sold and Ishpeming came up as the closest to our area. We went to Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming and I bought socks, gloves, cap, a hoodie shirt with long sleeves and a pair of pants, all items in camo. I’m not endorsing any of the clothing but, I did quite a bit of research and it seems to work ok…..we’ll see. Lynn bought the shirt and pants. By the way, the shirt and pants were half price at the store in Ishpeming. We kinda joked about when I wore the camo clothing and I stood by the window with a tree in the backround……………I was invisible!!!??

Donna Gillespie is still working on the Adopt a Highway that was discussed at the last two meetings. She’ll contact the MDOT in the near future to see if there’s a area of highway that need beautifying.

Bill Castle mentioned a group/club detecting day. Lynn Richards is checking up with a local landowner.

Lynn Richards and Dan Trenary brought some cake, my wife, Sharon, brought some cookies and donuts for the meeting. I furnished some soda and bottled water.

Next were the silver coin drawings. Rand Gillespie won the Walking Liberty half dollar. Bonnie Philips won a Barber dime. And a silver Roosevelt dime was won by Dan Trenary, Bill Castle and me, Bill Bruner. The 50/50 drawing was won by Bill Castle.

OK, weather permitting, the next meeting of the yoopercoinshooters will be in Escanaba’s Ludington park on May 30th at 3pm eastern standard time.

A motion was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Ray Philips to adjourn at 4:08 pm.

That’s it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes…………..PLEASE!!!