May Newsletter

Well, June is here and we’re still getting sporadic areas of FROST. Ugh, go figure.

We had our May meeting of the yoopercoinshooters on the 30th at my residence and had a good turnout.

We started the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and the meeting was then called to order at 3:12 pm eastern time.

We then heard our secretary, Donna Gillespie, read the minutes from the April meeting and a motion was made by Ray Philips, and seconded by Rand Gillespie, to accept the reading as read.

The next order of business, as always, was the treasurers report by our treasurer, Bill Castle. He informed the membership of our financial condition, which was very good. Ray Philips made a motion to accept and the motioned was seconded by Tom Robison.

The next business was a short explanation by Donna Gillespie pertaining to a phone call she had with the regional MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) director in Crystal Falls, Dale Savola about our interest in the Adopt – A – Highway program. Donna briefly informed the membership on the application process and I asked for a membership vote on accepting the program and to go ahead and get a written application form from Mr. Savola. The membership voted unanimously to give us the go ahead and fill out the application and send it in.

The following Monday I called Mr. Savola and informed him that the membership had accepted to do the program and he gave me his fax number and I filled out the form, signed my name and faxed it to his office in Crystal Falls. He said he’d send the pertinent information to me as soon as possible. He confirmed the area we’re going to adopt as the first two miles of State highway M-69 northwest of highway U.S 2 & 41 and we pickup trash on both sides of the road. He also said to not pick up any dead animals. He told us where we can pick up the safety flourescent vest and garbage bags for our volunteer crew. Mr. Savola told me that the MDOT would erect a sign at each end of the two mile section stating that the section of highway was adopted by the yooper coinshooters metal detecting club.

Ray Philips, his wife Bonnie, and Rand and Donna Gillespie, have been doing this on another section of highway with a different organization. He said they would furnish the club members with a type of grabber so certain members wouldn’t have to be constantly bending down. Thanks Ray, Bonnie, Rand, and Donna. Ray is commander of the local Vietnam veterans chapter and he can get the long handled grabbers to assist members that may need them.

Tom Robison informed the membership that he has a D tech coil for sale. If anyone is interested they can call me (Bill Bruner) at 906-428-9897 and I’ll put Tom in touch with you.

Pete Harvala told the members about his find when he and his wife Elaine were vacationing down south and he found a girls recently lost class ring. Well, Pete went to the school designated on the ring and told them what he’d found. The young lady then met with Pete and good ole Pete was the local hero for the day. Way to go Pete!

We’re still in the planning stage of having a demonstration day at Ludington park in Escanaba this summer. I think it may come to a reality in July or August. What we want to do is, demo’s on plug taking, and extraction of coins from the plug or hole. Also have some tables with different finds from various members and talks about when, why, and where, our club originated, club dues, our annual picnic, etc. and maybe recruit some new members into our club. The yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club is the only one in the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I stopped by the Escanaba Civic center and met with Tom Penegor, director of the parks and recreation department and confirmed that it’s ok to do the demonstration event in the park and he said, no problem. Tom also told me he’s retiring this month (June) and he introduced me to his replacement, Kim Peterson. Tom has been very open minded and receptive to our hobby of metal detecting. Thanks Tom and have a great time in your retirement.

Club members, Sharon and Mike Hurkmans from Iron River have donated a 42 cup Hamilton Beach coffee maker to the club. Thanks a bunch Mike and Sharon! When I mentioned that when we do our Adopt – A – Highway and we may find quite few returnable soda and beer canns and we would cash them in for some extra club treasury money Mike and Sharon said they would donate a garbage bag of returnables to the club. Wow! Thanks again to the Hurkmans!

Lynn Richards collected for the 50/50 drawing and (Mr. lucky) Bill Castle won AGAIN!!!

Next on the agenda was the drawings for the silver coins. A silver 1953 D Washington quarter was won by (Mr. lucky) Bill Castle. A silver 1920 P Mercury dime was won by Sharon Hurkmans. Silver 1936 P Mercury dime was won by Ray Philips. A silver 1952 D Roosevelt dime was won by Dan Trenary and a silver 1954 P Roosevelt dime was won by Rand Gillespie. Congratulations to all the winners of the coins and the 50/50 drawings. Lynn Richards handles the silver coins drawing and the 50/50 drawing. Thanks a bunch Lynn.

I forgot to take a picture of the members at the meeting…….again. I guarantee I’ll take one from now on. (I’ll just designate someone else to do it.)

I want to thank Dan Trenary for bringing the doughnuts to the meeting. I thank my wife Sharon for the two cakes. She also had soda and some cheese popcorn to snack on during the meeting. I thank my wife and Lynn Richards for making two pots of coffee from our old 12 cup coffee maker that Bill Castle has been letting us for the last 3 or 4 years.

At the last meeting I told the membership that I was looking for a computer desk. I did pick one up at Wally World (Walmart) the other day. Snagged up a demo for 1/2 price. I also showed the members a 1943 d Mercury dime I found while bag hunting. I photo graded it at gem BU. I’ve been CRH (coin roll hunting) for approx. 30 years or so. I don’t do rolled coins though, I do the large bags before the bank rolls them.

A motion was made to adjourn by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Rand Gillespie. The meeting was adjourned at 4:13 pm eastern time. The next yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be at Ludington park in Escanaba on June 27th near the tennis courts at 3 pm eastern time. If it’s raining, the meeting will be at my residence, 217 Dakota avenue (Bayview Manor) in Gladstone.

Well, that’s it for this one. Happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes………..PLEASE.
Bill Bruner
906-428-9897 / cell 241-9150