June Newsletter

Independence Day! Wow half the year will soon be in the books and the weather is still only getting in the seventies.

We had our June meeting of the yoopercoinshooters on Saturday June 27th at Ludington park in Escanaba and had a fair turn-out and the weather was great.

The meeting was called to order at 3:12 pm eastern time and we started with the pledge of allegiance.

Our secretary, Donna Gillespie, read the minutes from the May 30th meeting followed by the treasurers report by Bill Castle. All is well financially!

We then had a short discussion on our plans to have a club demonstration and recruiting day at the park in Escanaba. Nothing wrote in stone yet, but we’re thinking about doing this in August. This will take some extensive planning and volunteers to man the tables for questions the public may ask and demonstrations on detecting and coin extraction.

I contacted Dale Sauvola, the Michigan MDOT coordinator in Crystal Falls, and he recently sent me a packet and all the information on our plans to join the “Adopt A Highway” program.
Adopt - A - Highway meeting 001
On Saturday a few of us had a meeting at the Donut Connection in Escanaba and ironed out all the details for our day to clean our desingated section of highway. Attending the meeting were myself, my wife Sharon, Lynn Richards, Ray and Bonnie Philips, and Donna Gillespie,our secretary. Donna agreed to contact the Delta County road commission and pick-up the trash bags and reflective vests for the volunteer crew from our club. I thank Donna for doing the footwork and phone contacts in organizing the highway cleanup. She is such a very efficient secretary and we’d be lost without her.

The day of our highway cleanup is Wednesday, July 15th and we’re beautifying a two mile section of M-69 near Bark River starting at the junction of M-69 and U.S. 2 & 41 and working north. We’re meeting up and plan to start at 9 am eastern time after I hold a short safety meeting.

I had my son Jim do a field test on the “Elimitick” clothing I recently purchased for metal detecting in the woods. The company claimed it would repel ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, Etc. He wore the clothing on his land behind his cabin and the mosquitos attacked and made several blood withdrawals through the Elimitick gloves. Further testing will take place in the near future and I’ll keep you all posted on the results. He did not have any ticks come in contact with his skin though, and his property is loaded with woodticks.

Michael and Sharon Hurkmans from Iron River showed up at the meeting with a huge trash bag full of Michigan returnable cans and bottles (mostly soda) and donated them to the club. I went over to Escanaba monday to the local Walmart store and cashed them in $19.20. Thank you so much, Michael and Sharon.

The silver coin drawing winners were as follows. Rand Gillespie walking Liberty half dollar – The Mercury dime winners were Ray Philips, Bill Bruner, Lynn Richards and Mike Hurkmans.

I want to thank my wife Sharon, Elaine Harvala, and Dan Trenary, for bringing some goodies to eat during the meeting.

Lynn Richards won the 50/50 drawing.

Sharon Hurkmans said she’d call the local Iron River 99.1 FM radio station put in a plug for our yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club………thanks a bunch Sharon.

At 3 pm Ray Philips made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Sharon Bruner.

Our next meeting will be on July 25th at 3 pm in Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone. The meeting will be just beyond the baseball field & pavilion.