July 2015 Newsletter

We had our monthly meeting of the Yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on July 25th at Pioneer Trail park between Escanaba and Gladstone, Michigan. There was a pretty good turnout and the weather was GREAT!
7-25-2015 meeting 002
The meeting was called to order at 3:10 eastern time and we followed with the pledge of allegiance.

Our secretary, Donna Gillespie, read the minutes from the June meeting which were accepted by the members as read.
7-25-2015 meeting 005
I took a couple pictures of the members and they’re at the beginning of this newsletter.

Our treasurer, Bill Castle gave us his treasurers report and we’re doing fine financially.

Bonnie Philips read the list of some of the prizes her and Donna Gillespie have collected so far from local merchants.

I mentioned that I had a (Garrett Carrot) Garrett Pro pointer AT pinpointer for sale. I used it one time and just couldn’t get used to the multiple settings. The pinpointer is a great product and is also waterproof but, I would not be using it in the water and I’m so used to another brand. It’s me not the pinpointer! I also have a White’s Bullseye 2 pinpointer for sale. Tom Robison has a Detech coil for sale.

I’ve been in contact with a few detector companies and they’ve been very cordial and eager to help us make our club hunt and raffle drawings a success again this year by sending an event package for prizes. A big thanks to White’s, Garrett, Minelab, Tesoro metal detecting companies, and the many local merchants who have donated.

We may have another new member. His wife Lori attended the meeting as he had to work. We enjoyed her input and she asked some great questions. I’ll withhold the last name until it’s final. We also had another guest, Connie that drove down from Sands, Michigan with Francis Pleaugh. I just talked on the phone with Francis’ wife Cindy and she mentioned that she would join the club if she could learn how to run her detector. Well,that’s one of the reasons we started the club, to show detectorist how to use their detectors. You may have read in the newsletter following the 2014 picnic that Cindy won two metal detectors in a drawing! Now maybe the detecting bug will hook Cindy.

It’s official, the Yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club has adopted a highway! We got our trash bags and reflective vests and cleaned up highway M-69 from U.S. 2 & 41 to a point two miles north on both sides of the road on July 14th. We’ll do it again between September 26th and October 4th and again in the spring, 3 times a year. We picked 19 large bags of trash and they say it’ll be a little less the next two times as no one has done that section for some time. After the adopt a highway cleanup we went to the “Donut Connection” for coffee and donuts. If any of you ever do the program, get what they call grabbers to use instead of all the bending down. I’m 73 and my back and legs were sore for a while!

We held our drawing for silver coins which were won by the following: Donna Gillespie the walking liberty half dollar, Bonnie Philips a silver dime, Rand Gillespie a V nickel, Francis Pleaugh a silver dime, and Bill Castle a silver dime. Next, we held the 50/50 drawing which was won by Tom Robison. Good going everyone.

Thanks to Dan Trenary for bringing doughnuts to the meeting, also Sharon and Michael Hurkmans for the cupcakes, and Bill Castle for the brownies that his wife Karen made.

The next meeting will be at my residence in Gladstone on Saturday August 29th eastern time and we’ll be finalizing the dishes members will be bringing to pass around at our 5th annual picnic and coin hunt in September. I’ve been contacting members and asking which dishes or desserts they’ll be bringing to the picnic to pass around. The club is furnishing brats and hamburgers at the picnic.

Ray Philips made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Tom Robison and the meeting was history at 4:26 eastern time.

That’s it for this one………Don’t forget to cover your holes…….PLEASE.