August Newsletter

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I apologize for this newsletter being a little late. I had to go to Milwaukee veterans facility for some tests and the other day at 3:30 am our 6th great grandchild was born.

Lynn Richards went along on the trip to Milwaukee as his daughter lives nearby in Waukesha and he has a route that’s a little longer but has little traffic. On the way home though near Appleton at rush hour, we could only go 3 to 5 MPH for about 7 or 8 miles on highway 41. Bad timing?

Our September meeting was called to order at 3 pm eastern time on August 29th in the dining room at my residence. As always, we started with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Donna Gillespie with the minutes from last months meeting. Ray Phillips and Sharon Bruner made motions to accept the minutes as read.

Next was the treasurers report by Bill Castle.

Bill collected yearly dues and stated that we have 4 new members. Cindy Pleaugh, Ed and Lori LaFave, and Craig Paoli. Craig is from South Range. Ed and Lori are from the West Gladstone area and Cindy is from the Gwinn area (Sands). New members receive a club cap, club cards and a silver coin. “Welcome to the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club”.

Donna Gillespie reminded the members that we’ll be having a cleanup on our “Adopt A Highway” section at 9 am eastern time on September 30th at the intersection of U.S.2/41 & M-69 which will be followed with a meeting at the Donut Connection. I think the Donut Connection meeting will become a traditional thing.

My wife Sharon and I have been visiting the local thrift stores looking for a couple of those “grabbers” that save a lot of bending down for those trash items people throw out of their car windows on M-69.

Rand Gillespie did some leg work and reported that it cost $20.00 a person to take the CPR class that I’d mentioned at July’s meeting. I think at the least, the club officers would want to take the class.

I want to thank Ron Chouinard for buying my wet suit and diving boots, Ray Philips for buying my water scoop and Ed LaFave for buying my pinpointer. I still have Garrett Pro pointer AT (orange one – Garrett Carrot) for sale.

I told the story of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of a metal detector and using it to find a bullet in president James Garfield. The endeavor failed because they overlooked the fact that the new type of mattress he was laying on had coil springs. If they had put him on an older mattress without metal springs Alexander Bell may have saved his life and gone on to finish his presidental term.

Yes, Bill Castle, you were right. M-69 was at one time M-569 and I have a map to prove it.

Myself and Bill Castle spent several hours the beginning of September putting fliers on bulletin boards around Escanaba and Gladstone about our picnic and coin hunt. We also met with TJ at a local radio station and TJ said he’d do public service announcments on the stations 5 sister radio stations until the end of August.

Donna Gillespie and Bonnie Philips have been soliciting local merchants for donations of cash or merchandise for our picnic hunt and door prize drawings. Dan Trenary has been doing the Gladstone area.

At the White elephant Christmas party, we’re going to announce the winner of the club attendance contest. The winner will be getting a silver Morgan dollar and a silver Peace dollar.The date of the white elephant party will be decided on at the picnic at Pioneer trail park on September 26th.

Lynn Richards was in Waukasha, Wisconsin visiting his daughter and her family so Rand Gillespie volunteered to do the tickets for the silver coins drawing, and the collection for the 50/50 drawing. The silver coins drawings were won by: Walking liberty half dollar – Sharon Bruner. The “V” nickels and silver coins were won by Donna Gillespie, Sharon Hurkmans, Tom Robison and Rand Gillespie. In the future Ray Philips said we can use his ticket tumbler for future drawings……..Thanks Ray.

For bringing snacks to the meeting, thanks to Sharon Bruner for her blueberry yum yum, Sharon Hurkmans for the chocolate eau clairs, and Lori LaFave for the zucchini treats. Oh yeah, I made the coffee.

Thanks again to the Hurkmans. At last months meeting they brought a large bag of returnable cans and bottles (mostly soda) to donate to our clubs bank account. I cashed them in and it totaled $13.20 Thanks again Michael and Sharon.

I talked about the picnic and that we were going to see about renting the pavilion at Pioneer Trail park. Well, Lynn Richards and myself talked to Steve Wery and Rory Mattson. We then went to Bill Castle’s house and had a meeting (Donna Gillespie was in the Copper country with her husband) and we agreed to rent the pavilion for the picnic on Saturday, September 26th at 1 pm eastern time. If it rains, the picnic and coin hunt will be the following day 1 pm, Sunday the 27 of September.

Ray Philips made a motion and was seconded by Michael Hurkmans and the meeting was adjourned at 4:21 pm eastern time.

Thats it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes……………….PLEASE.