October Newsletter

The yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club held their October meeting at the clubs presidents residence, BayView Manor in Gladstone on October 24th, 2015. The meeting was called to order at 12:40 pm and after the Pledge of Allegiance the following business was conducted.

Club secretary Donna Gillespie read the minutes from the September meeting and annual picnic outing. The minutes were accepted as read and Treasurer, Bill Castle, presented the financial status of the club which was also accepted as read.

We decided to plan the agenda for the 2016 annual picnic next September and agreed on the following: Rent the Pavilion at Pioneer Trail park, have the picnic meal, then a very short club meeting, followed by the 1 hour seeded coin hunt. After the coin hunt we’ll award the hunts first, second, and third place prizes, followed by the door prize drawings.

I reminded members to remove the batteries from their metal detectors and pinpointers.

I askd Lynn Richards our assistant treasurer if he could make a ticket tumbler and he agreed to make one. Lynn is the clubs “Mr. Fixit” and has done several projects for various club items. He also takes charge of all 50/50 and silver coin drawings. We’d been using a tumbler that Ray Philips allowed the club to use but I decided we should have one our own. A big thanks to Ray for the loan of his tumbler.

A suggestion was made by Donna Gillespie to use a different format for any door prize drawings held in the future and was accepted by the club membership with a show of hands.

At the 2015 club picnic I made a suggestion to do away with the silver dime and club cards a new member would receive when joining after paying their dues, but they’d still get the club cap after attending their first meeting. The membership voted and passed my suggestion.

I also made a suggestion to start all future club meetings at 12:30 eastern time. The suggestion was discussed followed with a unanimous yes vote.

There was a suggestion at the Adopt a Highway meeting at the Donut Connection to hold a special hunt to clear the seeded hunt area at Pioneer Trail park of all junk. I mentioned that it’d be a monumental task to achive that feat. I detected the same area sometime after the seeded hunt and made an uneducated guess that it’d take 100 or more hours with several seasoned detectorist to clear the area of pull tabs, junk metal, etc. I also said it’d probably take less time to educate the less experienced detectorists to learn and decipher different signals on their detectors.

I suggested that once the ground is thawed at at one of our early spring meetings at Ludington park in Escanaba, we dedicate the entire meeting to have the more experienced detectorist aid the less experienced detectorists in the operation of their detectors and how to locate, decipher, dig, and extract coins from the ground.

We decided on December 19th for our “White Elephant” Christmas party and banquet.

Next on the agenda were the silver coin drawings. Lynn Richards won the silver half dollar and the silver dime drawings were won by Sharon Bruner, Mark Elder, Randy Gillespie, and Ron Chouinard.

Next up was the 50/50 drawing which was won by Liz Eason.

Thanks to Dan Trenary for bringing cookies, Sharon Hurkmans for bringing cake, Mark Elder for donuts, and Sharon Bruner for the watergate salad,taffy apple salad, cupcakes and brownies to the meeting. I suspect the New Years resolution diets might just begin a little early this year?

Before ending the meeting, members went outside for a group picture with some of the garbage and metal junk they’ve been accumulating during the summer. This is stuff that we’ve taken from parks, beaches and private property.
October meeting 013
Motions were made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 2:05 pm eastern time. The next meeting will be at Bay View Manor at 12:30 pm eastern time on November the 28th.

Ok, thats it for this one, happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes…..PLEASE.