November Meeting Yooper Coinshooters Club

november-meeting-1 The yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club held their November meeting on the 28th at Bayview Manor in Gladstone, Michigan.

The meeting was called to order at 12:42 pm eastern standard time and the pledge of allegiance followed.

The attendance was surprisingly fair being as it occured on the Thanksgiving weekend and the last days of the gun deer season.

There was no treasurers report as Bill Castle was at deer camp in the Perkins for the area entire season, good luck hunting Bill.

november-meeting-2 Donna Gillespie, our club secretary read the minutes from the October meeting which was accepted as read with motions from the membership.

The club wants to extend birthday wishes to Tom Robison, his day is December 4th. Also celebrating a birthday will be Bonnie Philips on December 10th.

I passed out a questionaire to the members. The questionaire basically had asked for information as to which parts of our site was most visited by members.

The next item we discussed was the upcoming December Christmas banquet and White elephant gift exchange party on December 19th at 12:30 pm eastern time. The club is furnishing all the food and soda and coffee.

Lynn Richards brought a ticket tumbler he made for the club 50/50 and silver coins drawings. We’ll also use it for our annual picnic raffles every September.


I want to thank Ray Philips for the use of his tumbler for the past months.

Thanks to Dan Trenary for the cookies he brought to the meeting. Thanks also to Sharon Bruner for the chips n’ dip and the cake she made. I made the coffee and brought some soda.

Bonnie Philips won the 50/50 drawing and the silver coin drawing winners were as follows: Silver Washington quarter – Rand Gillespie, Barber dime – Cindy Pleaugh, Mercury dime – Lynn Richards, Mercury dime – Sharon Hurkmans and Mercury dime – Donna Gillespie. Congratulations to all the winners.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Sharon Hurkmans and the meeting was over at 1:35 pm EST.

Well, thats it for this one. Good luck to the hunters, members traveling and the rest of us hunkering down for the upcoming winter………………..and don’t forget to cover your holes, PLEASE.